Meddent Rubber Dam Kit
Meddent Rubber Dam Kit
A complete Rubber Dam Kit that provides the best isolation for your cases.GDC Rubber Dam Kit Includes the following Items Rubber Dam Punch Rubber Dam Forcep Rubber Dam Frame Plastic Rubber Dam Sheet 6×6 Adult or 5x5 Pedo Rubber Dam...
Meddent Bone Expander Kit Set of 12
Meddent Bone Expander Kit is from selective stainless steel by skilled workers with modern machines, keeping control on production and quality at every step to guarantee a supply of Instruments with utmost precision. Bone Expander Kit has been Designed as...
Endo Box with 72 Holes (Dental Instrument)
Holds: 72 Endo (Hand/Rotary) Instruments Endodontic Organizer.It used to place high speed and expand dual-use dental burs.It has different size of dental root-canal obturating points.It can be disinfected.Packing1 Box
Dental Plastic Cotton Holder clips / Endodontic treatments
Meddent Plastic Cotton Holders are simple cotton holders used in Dentistry for holding the cotton rolls to maintain isolation.COMPOSITIONMade of high-quality plastic.INDICATIONS: For direct isolation to provide a clear working field for the dentist. For cavity preparation or endodontic treatments. ADVANTAGE...
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