Ruthinium Bite Registration Wax Dental Composite Material
Bite registration wax is a sophisticated composite material which contains powdered aluminum to increase the integrity of the compound and provide the heat retention properties needed for efficient modeling.Features Scored wax allows easy use in small quantities Deliver accuracy and...
Maarc Bite Registration Wax Aluminum Filled( Bite Registration Dental Material)
Bite Registration sheets are dimensionally stable, does not shrink or distort. Bite Registration Wax when heated at 55 degree C it turns in to Dead Soft in less than 1 minute. This wax adapts to every details and sets by...
Maarc Pattern Multicolored Inlay / Onlay casting wax no.3 (Colour Blue)
Maarc Inlay/Onlay Pattern Wax are type-1 waxes which soften at a temperature that is not hazardous to the dental pulp tissue, hence can be used to prepare patterns of indirect-restorations in the patient’s mouth by direct-wax technique. They have uniform workability...
Maarc Sticky Sticks Dental Wax (Pack of 10)
Sticky Wax Sticks Thickness L 114 x 8 mm diameter weighing appx. 6 gms. Features It is blending of various waxes and resins and it is yellow in color. It melts when heated and adheres to the surface over which...
Maarc Carving Dental Wax 40 Blocks / Lab Material
Carving Waxes are made from high quality ingredients and widely used in dentistry or dental lab. It is applied on crown and bridges and is appreciated for its tough, hard and bubble free attributes as well as it does not...
Maarc Plaque - D Plaque Disclosing Gel
Plaque Disclosing Gel is made of special dye which stains plaque, As a result, one gets clear idea of brushing irregularities. Dentist can easily make patients understand in which area they have to focus more and which technique of brushing...
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