Nakamura Dental Straight Handpiece ES-30A
E-type 1:1 Straight AttachmentFits any Air, Electric, Laboratory E-type connection micromotors. 1:1 straight attachment with 3 ball bearings for smooth operation.FEATURES U-type Nose Gear ratio 1:1 Ball bearing 40,000 rpm Twist type release bur Universal E-type Durable and reliable TECHNICAL...
Nakamura Contra Angles Handpiece 1:1 ECN-20L
NA Contra Angle Handpiece20,000 rpm for CA Burs TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Maximum Rotation Speed  40,000 rpm Applicable Bur  CA type ISO Standard Chuck Ability Force to Withdraw  more than 5 kg Rotating Direction more than 450g Bur Concentricity less than 0.04 Coupling...
Nakamura Air Turbine 2 Hole Turbine Push Button
Nakamura Dental Air Turbine is an airotor handpiece used in dentistry. This high speed air turbine handpiece can be used in various dental procedures such cavity preparation, crown cutting, endodontic access cavity preparation, preventive resin restoration etc. The dental turbine...
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