Stim Denture Brush Dental Cleansing Brush (Pack of 5)
Special brush for cleaning denture with tapering tufts on both side. Tapering tufts are long, soft and shaped to clean the surface that sticks to the jaw and gums.Clean dentures over a sink containing water, or over a towel, to...
Stim Unique MB Dental Brush Extra Super Soft (Pack of 6)
STIM Unique is specially designed with 42 tufts which is best for people with large jaws. It is a compact and small head toothbrush which helps to clean till the last molars, with ease. It includes a free STIM Proxa...
Stim Orthodontic Ortho-MB Dental Brush (Pack of 6)
STIM Ortho-MB is specially designed for cleaning teeth with braces. It is made from super-soft bristles which remove plaque from the gum line and clean the outer surface of the teeth. It has a special V-cut for improved cleaning of...
ICPA Thermoseal Proxa Interdental Brush (Pack of 6)
L' shaped angular interproximal brushes, made from DuPont bristles,for cleaning thin gaps between the teeth. Helps to clean gaps between molar with ease.Packing Pack of 6
ICPA Thermoseal Ortho dontic Dental Brush for oral Hygiene (Pack of 12)
For Healthy Oral Hygiene During Orthodontic TreatmentUses THERMOSEAL ORTHO brush is a professionally designed orthodontic brush with soft bristles. Long outer bristles of 10 mm gently massage the gums and cleans tooth surface, while removing plaque from the gum line....
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