ICPA Younifloss High Quality Superior Dental Floss (Pack of 10)
Younifloss is made from highest quality floss to deliver the most effective dental cleaning. with its comfortable design you can quickly floss in between all the teeth. Regular flossing with Younifloss helps you to remove plaque from between your teeth...
Stim Flosser Pick & Floss (Pack of 5) Dental floss
STIM Flosser helps remove plaque and food particles between teeth and just below the gum line for a more complete clean vs. brushing alone. Features It is single-use, flat and user-friendly flosser that glides between the teeth with ease. There...
Stim Flosal pick & Floss (Pack of 5) Dental floss
STIM Flosal provides easy flossing for all 32 teeth, with its elegant right-angle design and PTFE Floss. Its design helps to clean behind the third molar effectively, as it glides with ease between the gaps.Features Insert Stim Flosal in to...
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