ICPA Xicaine Vial
Local anesthetics reversibly block nerve transmission, when applied to a limited area of the body. They bind to the sodium channels in the nerve membrane and prevent the entry of sodium ions in response to the membrane’s deplorization. A vasoconstrictor...
ICPA Nummit Spray
NUMMIT SPRAY 100ML - ANESTHETIC LIDOCAINE TOPICAL SPRAY (FRESH MINT FLAVOUR)IndicationPreoperative surface anesthesia and for painful oral conditionsMode of ActionLocal anesthetics like Lidocaine reversibly block nerve transmission, when applied to a limited area of the body. They bind to the...
Septodont Lignospan Special Anaesthesia 50 Cartridge
IndicationLocal or loco-regional dental anesthesiaFeatures No-methylparaben formulation to avoid allergic reactions on sensitive patients. Terminal sterilization of product/cartridges by the Gold Standard method for Health Authorities around the world. 100% latex-free PackingBox containing 5 blisters of 10 x 1.8 ml...
Septodont Progel B Anesthetic Gel
Benzocaine USP 20% w/w in a water soluble base consisting of polyethylene glycol 300,polyethylene glycol 3350,sodium saccharin and mint flavor.Indication For temporary pain relief of oral mucosa due to minor irritation or injury of the mouth and gums or of...
₹490.00 ₹370.00
Septodont Septoject Needles for Cartridge
IndicationRoutine administration of dental local anesthetics.Features Less trauma to the tissue achieved through a triple-bevel needle, a polished & siliconised canula and an excellent flexibility of the needle. High grade surgical stainless steel tubing to reduce risk of breakage. PackingBox...
Septodont Lignospan O Anaesthetic Oinment
It is a topical anaesthetic ointment. It is used as topical analgesia of oral mucosa before anaesthetic injection. Amide-based topical anaesthetic designed to improve patient’s comfort during dental procedure. Available in a pleasant Raspberry flavour.Specification Topical anaesthetic ointment Used as...
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Septodont Septanest 1:100,000
₹2,100.00 ₹1,750.00
Septodont Septanest 1:100,000
IndicationLocal or loco-regional dental anesthesia in patients of at least 4 years oldFeatures Septanest 40 mg/ml plus adrenaline 0.01 mg/ml (1/100 000) is particularly appropriate for procedures of longer duration and when there is a risk of significant bleeding into...
₹2,100.00 ₹1,750.00
Stim Lidayn Spray
Lidayn spray is a surface or topical aerosol anesthetic spray. Mint flavor in a handy can.INDICATIONPreoperative surface/ Local anesthesia or painful oral conditions.Arrhythmias.MODE OF ACTION Dentaids Lidayn Spray reversibly blocks nerve transmission, when applied to the limited area of the...
Stim Lidayn Lignocaine & Adrenaline Injection (Pack of 10)
Warren Lignox Lignocaine 2% A is administered prior to a procedure to help dull pain or sedate a nervous or anxious patient.Local Anaesthetic 30ml vialINDICATION Used in prevention and control of pain in Surgical, Endodontic and Operative procedures in Dentistry...
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