Straumann Botiss Jason GBR / GTR Membrane Dental Bone Graft Material
Jason® membrane offers a naturally long barrier function, which is especially advantageous for the regeneration of larger defects or more extended augmentative procedures. Due to its low thickness, Jason® membrane is particularly beneficial in patients with thin biotypes or, generally,...
from ₹10,400.00
NSK Implant Surgic Pro (Optic / Non-Optic) Dental Equipments
SURGIC PRO by NSK takes only a very short time to intuitively understand, and become confident with, the operation of this latest NSK Oral Surgery and Implant micromotor system. It is the 5th generation of NSK surgical micromotor systems. The NSK Surgic Pro...
from ₹180,000.00
Nsk Surgic Pro Plus Implant Motor / Physiodispenser With Fiber Optic Handpiece
Nsk Surgic Pro+ Optic The NSK Surgic Pro+ is a compact, stylish and fully integrated system incorporating the unique NSK Advanced Handpiece Calibration (AHC). By individually calibrating each handpiece to the micromotor, AHC absolutely guarantees accurate speed and torque control,...
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