SDI GS80 - Dental Amalgam Capsules - (Pack of 50 capsules)
The technically advanced, non-gamma 2 admix amalgam at an affordable price. GS-80’s high strength ensures longevity and patient satisfaction. The alloy to mercury ratio varies between 1/0.85 and 1/0.94 depending on the size and setting time, i.e. 45.9% to 48.5%...
from ₹3,290.00
DPI Amalgam Capsules Regular Pack Dental Non-gamma 2 Alloy Capsule
Description and FeaturesPre-dosed capsules filled with non-gamma 2 alloy and mercury (one spill, two spills, three spills) ready for mixing on an amalgamator.IndicationsAmalgam Capsules - All posterior restorations and any restoration, where aesthetics is not a prime consideration.How to use...
DPI Alloy Non Gamma 2 Zinc Free Amalgam Alloy Dental Material
Zinc free amalgam alloyAll posterior restorations and any restoration where aesthetics Is nota prime consideration FEATURES:- Better physical properties such as: creep compressive strength Improve chemical resistance, to prevent the deformation by mercuroscopic Expansion of amalgam margins, and thus to...
SDI GS 80 Powder -(30gm Powder) Non-Gamma Dental Restorative Material
The technically advanced, non-gamma 2 admix amalgam at an affordable price. GS-80’s high strength and positive dimensional change ensures longevity and patient satisfaction.Over 200 million successful GS-80 restorations have been placed since its release worldwide in 1986.Features Optimal handling characteristics....
GC Miracle Mix (Glass Ionomer Restorative Cement -GIC)
Miracle Mix is a triple-cured, resin reinforced glass ionomer crown and core build-up material. This material is well suited for use as a base under composite resin and amalgam, or as a temporary restorative.Indication Core build-up Restoration of primary teeth...
Sdi Permite Capsules Spill 2 High strength Amalgam Capsules
High strength, high polishability, superior handling Permite – the non-gamma 2 admix alloy unsurpassed by any other. High Compressive Strength Permite’s high compressive strength minimizes the risk of fracturing the restoration. High compressive strength ensures a tough and durable long...
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