Ammdent GI Core Glass Ionomer Cement
G I Core is Glass Ionomer Filling Cement Type IX , G I Core for restoration of deciduous teeth. Repair of v-Shaped defects and enamel as well as root erosions in cervical area incl. class –V filling Filling of class-...
Ammdent Calpex Calcium Hydroxide and Iodoform Paste
For pulp capping and pulpotomy, weeping canal ,treatment of external resorption, apexification, and as temporary filling material of infected root canal in adults and permanent in children. Packing2gm Tube
₹700.00 ₹499.00
Ammdent Cal Excel LC Light Cure Calcium Hydroxide Paste
Ammdent Lc Cal Excel is a light-curing radiopaque one-component calcium hydroxide material for cavity lining (base )for direct/Indirect pulp capping especially under Composites. To prevent marginal leakage and infiltration of bacteria in the cervical/approximal margins, permanent isolation is recommended. LC...
₹800.00 ₹570.00
Ammdent Zino Gen Temporary Restorative Material
Ammdent Zinogen is a Zinc Oxide Quick Setting Cement (ZOE Cement).Packing 20gm Powder 10ml Liquid
₹250.00 ₹160.00
Ammdent Cal Excel Calcium Hydroxide Paste
Water Soluble Radiopaque Calcium Hydroxide Paste in tube for temporary dressing and extensively used in Endodontics , 2 gm. with applicator needlesFeatures Automatic injection Crack free Light-weighted Can inject the resin at low pressure Application : It is use an...
₹450.00 ₹280.00
Ammdent Calform RC Calcium Hydroxide Paste with Iodoform
CALFORM-RC used in exposed pulp capping and pulpotomy, leaking canal, treatment of external resorption, Apexification, and as temporary filling material of infected root canal in adults and permanent filling material in children.CALFORM-RC apart from the bactericidal properties helps to form...
₹450.00 ₹310.00
Ammdent Endoflux Root Canal Sealer
Ammdent Endoflux Root Canal Sealer is a calcium based root canal sealer.An accelerator is provided to decrease the setting time.Composition Zinc oxide Calcium hydroxide Eugenol Iodoform Parachlorophenol Barium sulphate Features Stimulation of the periapical tissues in order to maintain health...
₹800.00 ₹635.00
Ammdent Resino Seal Resin Based Root Canal Sealer
Root Canal Sealing and Filling Material Resin Based.Composition Powder - (Silver Free): Methanamine, Bismuth Oxide, Tit. Oxide ad Excipients. Liquid- Epoxy resin ad Excipients. Packing 10g powder 10ml liquid
₹500.00 ₹380.00
Ammdent Cavitemp Temporary Filling Material
Cavitemp is a temporary filling material self-curing under humidity for the temporary filling of cavitiesThe material is impermeable to drugs.IndicationUsed for the temporary filling of cavities.Advantages The material is impermeable to drugs. Self-curing under humidity for temporary filling of cavities....
₹247.00 ₹159.00
Ammdent Easy Stat Hemostatic Gingival Retraction Material
Easy Stat is a 20% Farric sulfate Haemostatic Gel provides effective tissue management when completing impression, restoration, crown & bridge procedures. Medium Viscosity gel, will not flow on to surrounding tissue. Features It seals the damaged vessels mechanically, thus producing...
₹500.00 ₹305.00
Ammdent Prep Canal EDTA Gel
Ammdent Prep Canal (EDTA) is a chelating agent can bind to metals via four carboxylate and two amine groups. It is a polyamino carboxylic acid and a colorless, water-soluble solid, which is widely used to dissolve lime scale. It is...
₹480.00 ₹275.00
Ammdent Zinc Phosphate Cement
Zinc Phosphate Cement is used for Luting permanent metal restoration and as a base.Packing30gm powder/15ml liquid
Ammdent Dentochlor Root Canal Disinfection Solution
Efficient antibacterial for intracanal medicament including E. Faecalis whith is always found in failure casesComposition2% Chlorhexidine DigluconateIndicationFor root canal irrigation and disinfectionFeatures Antimicrobial & antifungal function Removes biofilm Packing220 ml Bottle
Ammdent D-Pulp Devitalizing Paste
D-Pulp is a arsenic free Paraformaldehyde based paste of thick consistency used in endodontics mainly for pulp devitalization. D-Pulp is a arsenic free paste of thick consistency containing Para formaldehyde. Main consitituents of pulp devitalizer include: formaldehyde, cresol, paraformaldehyde, and...
₹650.00 ₹530.00
Ammdent Prolax Prophylaxis Paste
Prolax is a fine abrasive paste containing Pumice & fluoride as major Ingredients.Packing100g Paste
Ammdent Sodium Hypochlorite
Sodium Hypochlorite use for cleaning & Irrigation of root canal.Packing500ml Bottle
₹250.00 ₹120.00
Ammdent Frost Dental Etchant Gel Etchant
Frost is a very effective economical etching gel indicated for enamel etching and dentin Conditioning .Indication Composite restorations Adhesive cementation of inlays (composite and allceramic), crowns, bridges, veneers, adhesive bridges, and posts and cores Bonding of orthodontic attachments (e.g. brackets)...
₹230.00 ₹139.00
Ammdent GI Fill Type II (Glass Ionomer Filling Material- GIC)
For GIC filling an Core Built UP with good strength Type-ll Glass ionomer cementIndication Class III or V restorations in permanent teeth Esthetic Restorative cements Non-Stress bearing areas Class I or II restorations in primary teeth Temporary restoration Crown margins...
Ammdent Infibra Fiber Splint
₹2,500.00 ₹1,045.00
Ammdent Infibra Fiber Splint
Ammdent Infibra Fiber Splint is made of long longitudinal white and high crystallized polyethylene fiber, Which gives high mechanical characteristics, ideal for dental use. The special interlacing enables a net cut and the complete padding with all flowable resin composites...
₹2,500.00 ₹1,045.00
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