Dentsply Mini Endo Bloc Measuring Instrument Block /Endodontic Autoclavable Dental box
A true companion during endodontic procedures. Convenient plastic device for setting a precise working time.IndicationThe Mini Endo Block is a measuring device to ensure accurate measurements during the endodontics procedure.Advantages Easy to use. Precise working time. Ensure accurate measurements. Autoclavable....
Bur Box Yellow and white Dental Bur Box - Bur Box - White
Bur boxes are made from high quality plastics and comes in sturdy design. It is easy to use and has two color options - Yellow and white.Specification Made from high quality plastics Comes in sturdy design Easy to use Packing1...
Endo Box with 72 Holes (Dental Instrument)
Holds: 72 Endo (Hand/Rotary) Instruments Endodontic Organizer.It used to place high speed and expand dual-use dental burs.It has different size of dental root-canal obturating points.It can be disinfected.Packing1 Box
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