Shofu Composite Finishing Dental Kit CA & FG
The kit comprises of an assortment of abrasive stones that are designed for contouring and finishing aesthetic restorations.In Kit Dura-Green silicon carbide stones for adjusting and Dura-White aluminum oxide stones for fine finishing and Contra-Angle and Friction-Grip kits.Your choice of...
Shofu Acrylic Contouring & Finishing Kit HP/ Dental Finishing and Polishing Material
Designed for adjustment and polishing of acrylic dentures and appliances chairside or in the laboratory. Benefits Useful on domiciliary visits, at chairside in the surgery or laboratory, without the need or mess of a lathe. Contouring and polishing appropriate for...
Shofu Crown & Bridge Dental Preparation Kit
The Crown & Bridge Preparation kit is designed to offer speedy, simple and accurate tooth preparation for a wide range of crown and bridge restorations, veneers and onlays. Precise depth orientation grooves can be achieved easily with the specially designed...
Shofu All Ceramic Preparation Kit - ( Dental Tooth Preparation Material )
SHOFU ALL CERAMIC PREPARATION KITThe All Ceramic Preparation kit is specially created with an exclusive range of diamond burs for simple, efficient and accurate tooth preparation for full-ceramic, inlay/onlay and veneer restorationsThe special selection of 17 burs are created for...
TDV ISO Tape (5m) Isolation Dental Instruments
ISO Tape for dental isolation.IndicationIndicated for teeth isolation during acid conditioning as well as for the application of adhesives, composites and other reagents.Features Exclusively designed for dental use Made of inert and flexible material, easy insertion into the interproximal area...
Shofu Amalgam Dental Polishing Kit FG/CA
Shofu Amalgam Polishing Kit Fg/Ca is a dental polishing kit designed for use with dental amalgam restorations. It includes a set of specialized burs and polishers that are designed to effectively remove scratches and surface defects on dental amalgam restorations, resulting...
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