Give a restricted "unconditional promise" return on dental prod products.

  1. To guarantee arrival, Dental Prod can specialize in acquiring products and recording transportation expenses, generally, the return of goods can be conducted at your very understanding. It would be ideal if you reach us by phone or email in case of an arrival guarantee where we will try to determine your issue. The item must be returned in its unique bundling, in which all substances are transported.
  2. Dental Prod shall not be liable for any misfortune or damage resulting from your use of this site. The effect of the liability extends until the use of this site is not yet prohibited for loss of any kind of information, profit or any other misfortune, including negligence, immediate or roundabout harm Is not.
  3. Dental prod will not be considered trustworthy where your record or PC or any other web-enabled gadget is used without your consent. It is your responsibility to maintain the confidentiality of your records and access to your PC or gadget. It is your duty to protect your MasterCard subtlety and not to expose your microcosm to allow improper use.
  4. Before reaching or returning to anything, we must reach our office.
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