Meddent Implant Trimmer Kit Stainless steel Kit
Meddent Implant Trimmer kit is a Stainless steel Kit. Technical SpecificationMaterial: Stainless SteelRusting Prevention Procedure: PassivatedUltrasonic Cleaned: YesDull-Polished: YesUsage: Left Hand or Right Hand PackingTREPHINE DRILLS:3.0 mm4.0 mm5.0 mm6.0 mm7.0 mm8.0 mm9.0 mm TISSUE PUNCH4.0 mm4.5 mm5.0 mm5.5 mm6.0 mm...
Meddent Composite Instrument Kit (Set of 6)
Composite Instruments Titanium Coated Blue with Cassette includes below given instruments :-CIB1 # 6CIB2 # 6 CIB3 # 6CIB4 # 6CIB5 # 6CIB6 # 6Packing1 Kit
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