Meddent Implant Trimmer Kit
Meddent Implant Trimmer kit is a Stainless steel Kit. Technical SpecificationMaterial: Stainless SteelRusting Prevention Procedure: PassivatedUltrasonic Cleaned: YesDull-Polished: YesUsage: Left Hand or Right Hand PackingTREPHINE DRILLS:3.0 mm4.0 mm5.0 mm6.0 mm7.0 mm8.0 mm9.0 mm TISSUE PUNCH4.0 mm4.5 mm5.0 mm5.5 mm6.0 mm...
Meddent Composite Instrument Kit
Composite Instruments Titanium Coated Blue with Cassette includes below given instruments :-CIB1 # 6CIB2 # 6 CIB3 # 6CIB4 # 6CIB5 # 6CIB6 # 6Packing1 Kit
Meddent Cassete for 10 Instrument
Meddent Cassette For 10 InstrumentsTo facilitate a safe handling of the surgical instruments during the cleaning and sterilization processes reducing the risk of injures. GAMMAFIX locking system keeps the tray perfectly closed in all conditions. Safe and easy joint system, totally...
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