Oracura Eco Water Flosser Rechargeable (OCE01)
ORACURA OCE01 Eco Water Flosser offers you an economical way of taking the best care of the oral health of you & your loved ones. It is also ideal for cleaning around braces, dental implants, crowns, and other orthodontic appliances....
ICPA Plakoff Dental Water Flosser
Water flossing is a way to clean between and around teeth using a handheld device called the water flosser that sprays streams of water in steady pulses. A water flosser is a device also known as an oral irrigator or...
Oracura (SB100) Sonic Lite Electric Battery Operated Toothbrush
Oracura SB100 Sonic Lite Electric Battery Operated Toothbrush ORACURA® SB100 Sonic Lite Battery Operated Electric Toothbrush offers maximum convenience and is battery-operated. The high sonic speed of 36,000 strokes per minute helps in whisking away all the germs & bacteria from...
Oracura Compact Plus Water Flosser (OC400) Dental Equipment
Oracura OC400 Compact PLUS Water Flosser (OC120) DESCRIPTION ORACURA® Compact Plus Water Flosser® OC400 is 5x more effective in the elimination of plaque & tartar build-up from the mouth. Save time and effort with regular usage of cordless water flosser that...
Oracura Smart Plus Water Flosser (OC200) - #white
Smart PLUS Water Flosser OC200 |Rechargeable |Multiple Operation Modes |360 Degree Rotary Nozzle ORACURA® Smart Plus Water Flosser® OC200 is 5x more effective in removing plaque. Its 4 modes of flossing and 8 adjustable pressure setting control ensures a professional-like...
Oracura Countertop Smart Water Flosser (OC450) 450ml Water Tank
Smart Water Flosser OC450 (OC500) ORACURA® Countertop Smart Water Flosser® OC450 Dental PRO is a premium and newly launched water flosser® for the advanced daily oral care of you & your family. It comes with 8 varied nozzle tips, multiple...
Oracura Smart Water Flosser (OC150) 150ml Water Tank
The OC150 Smart Water Flosser® LITE is your essential companion for maintaining top-notch dental hygiene. This dental flosser is travel-friendly, portable, and rechargeable. Comes with 2 customizable nozzle tips variant to choose from “LITE”, it caters to all your dental...
Oracura Smart Pro Water Flosser (OC300) 300ml Water Tank Capacity - #White
Advantages   Say goodbye to sneaky plaque and food bits hiding between your teeth. Keep gum disease and tooth decay at bay with our trusty water flosser. Bid adieu to bad breath by zapping away pesky bacteria and debris. Pamper your...
Oracura Portable Water Flosser Dental Orthodontic Equipments
Oracura Water Flosser.Indication Ideal for Orthodontic Patients Prevents Peri-implants Removes food debris while massaging gums gently Packing1 Unit
Floss+ Wireless Portable Water Flosser Dental Equipments
There are three operation modes (normal, soft, pulse) with LED indication for varying oral care need. It delivers a water pressure of 40 to 90 PSI with 1400 pulses per minutes. It has 2 minutes of auto shut-off timer. It...
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