3M ESPE Clinpro Prophy Paste Prophylaxis Polishing paste
A prophy paste that is formulated to break down as it cleans, from a coarse to a ne grit, resulting in a great cleaning and gentle polishing with less abrasion to the dentin and enamel. Available in unit-dose cups for...
Ammdent Prolax Prophylaxis Paste Mint Flavour Dental Material- (Pumice & fluoride)
Prolax is a fine abrasive paste containing Pumice & fluoride as major Ingredients.Packing1  x 100g Paste
TDV Poligloss (3gm syringe) Dental Polishing Paste
Poligloss is an aluminum oxide polishing paste.IndicationIndicated for final polishing and maintenance of esthetic restorations, providing a final gloss in all restorative materials and dental enamel. Poligloss can also be combined with TDV felt discs or other velvety discs.Features Applied...
Maarc Zirprophy Zirconium Silicate (Dental Prophylaxis Polishing Paste)
Zirconia Prophylaxis Paste removes plaque and provides a smooth and polished tooth surface.CompositionZirconium Silicate Features Zirprophy contains Zirconium Silicate It does not break down as pumice from coarse to fine but rather removes stain smoothly due to fine particles Zirprophy...
Medicept Protec Prophylaxis Dental Paste - ( 50 gm Mint Flavour )
Protec Prophylaxis Paste use a blend of abrasives selected to ensure optimum removal of plaque and tartar without any appreciable abrasion to enamel. The thixotropic properties of the paste are carefully controlled to ensure easy application without undesirable spattering at...
Prevest Spectra Polishing Paste -Dental Prophylaxis Paste (Mint Flavour)
Spectra Fresh is an abrasive paste used for polishing and after scaling. It's mechanical action produces a smooth surface without eroding the dental enamel. Spectra Minty is mint flavored that produces a fresh , pleasant tingling sensation and relieves the...
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Shofu Super Snap Dental Polystrips Polishing Strips
Polystrips are color coded with matching grit size for easy identification and offer the same results as the Super-Snap disks, but for interproximal areas. Black/Violet: coarse/medium grit Green/Red: fine/super fine grit PackingPack of 100 pcs
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