Stim-Ex Ortho Wax (Pack of 5) Mint flavoured Dental Wax
Mint flavoured wax blocks smartly packed in a box.PackingPack of 5
Ruthinium PlastiWax - Dental Extra Hard (Pack of 12 Sheets)
Ruthinium Plastiwax - Extra hard High quality translucent pink Wax.Hard enough at oral temperatures to prevent change in occlusion during try-inFeatures High quality translucent pink Wax Formable at increased temperature than regular modeling waxes Highly sculptable Hard enough at oral...
Ruthinium Bite Registration Wax Dental Composite Material
Bite registration wax is a sophisticated composite material which contains powdered aluminum to increase the integrity of the compound and provide the heat retention properties needed for efficient modeling.Features Scored wax allows easy use in small quantities Deliver accuracy and...
Ruthinium Blue Inlay Dental Superior Wax 110gm
Blue inlay wax is a superior wax for build-up that softens in hot water and can be carved easily to produce excellent results.Features Low Thermal Contraction Excellent Flow Properties Easy to carve without chipping Brittle when tried to remove from...
GC Inlay Wax Medium - ( Pack of 60 Green sticks )
Wax up for all restoration work such as inlays, crowns, bridges and combination work, without deformation during removal from the model.Features High stability after hardening Low shrinkage Burns out without leaving residues Precise modellation Smooth castings PackingSticks ( pack of...
Maarc Dental Boxing Wax - ( Dental Impression Material )
Boxing Wax is available in two variants:- 6 inch Boxing Wax 12 inchThickness Dimensions:-160 x 45 x 1.5 mm.Features It is soft and tacky for boxing in impressions. Adheres easily to most of the surfaces. PACKAGING:-  Box of 6 sheets...
from ₹105.00
Maarc Bite Registration Wax Aluminum Filled( Bite Registration Dental Material)
Bite Registration sheets are dimensionally stable, does not shrink or distort. Bite Registration Wax when heated at 55 degree C it turns in to Dead Soft in less than 1 minute. This wax adapts to every details and sets by...
Maarc Dental Beading Wax - (Dental Impression Material )
It is sticky enough to easily adapt at the periphery or edge of alginate impression by hand pressure. It creates the base of the cast and preserves the outer portion of the cast. INDICATIONS: Used in beading around diagnostic cast...
API Rolex Impression Compound /Dental Impression Material
Thermoplastic and rigid impression material for edentulous casesComposition Resin Copal resin Carnauba wax Stearic acid Talc Coloring agent IndicationFor preliminary impressions in edentulous casesFeatures Extremely smooth Easy to Use Dimensional stability when set Models can be poured up to 2...
Maarc Sticky Sticks Dental Wax (Pack of 10)
Sticky Wax Sticks Thickness L 114 x 8 mm diameter weighing appx. 6 gms. Features It is blending of various waxes and resins and it is yellow in color. It melts when heated and adheres to the surface over which...
Maarc Carving Dental Wax 40 Blocks / Lab Material
Carving Waxes are made from high quality ingredients and widely used in dentistry or dental lab. It is applied on crown and bridges and is appreciated for its tough, hard and bubble free attributes as well as it does not...
Rolex Shellac Base Plate / Dental Lab Material
Base plate gives perfect details of the cast and is quite strong. There is no change in dimension or it does not distort during and after adaptation. It has very good working qualities and remains rigid at mouth temperature. It...
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