Prevest Zitemp (Zinc oxide Eugenol Cement)
Easy mix rapid setting zinc oxide-eugenol cement for thermal insulation and temporary restorationPackingPowder-Liquid Kit 1 X Powder Jar 20g 1 X Liquid Bottle 10ml 1 X Mixing Pad 1 X Spoon.
₹260.00 ₹110.00
Diadent E-Temp Temporary Filling Material
E-Temp is a hydraulic temporary filling material for standard cavities and post-endodontic treatmentsIndication Temporary restorations - especially inlay restorations eTemporary filling and sealing eTemporary filling of implant sites Features Adheres to dentin, expands slightly during setting and hardens rapidly to...
₹400.00 ₹270.00
Prevest Oratemp NE Manual Mix Temporary Luting Cement
OraTemp NE is a non eugenol temporary cement which permits placement and retention under function of permanent crowns, bridges, splints and their temporary counterparts. OraTemp NE is insoluble in oral fluids and retains a tight marginal seal to prevent leakage...
₹650.00 ₹479.00
Prevest Oratemp C&B Crown and Bridge Material
Oratemp C&B is a resin based composite provisional material used to fabricate temporary crowns, bridges inlays and onlays as well as long term temporaries. The 1:1 self-cured automix delivery version is easy to work with and provides exceptional strength, flexibility...
₹1,850.00 ₹1,630.00
DMG Luxatemp Fluorescence (Temporary Crown Material)
Luxatemp Fluorescence has superior aesthetics and unique handling that fits perfectly into the Luxatemp family, so that clinicians can confidently choose the best temporary material to fit their clinical needs. Outstanding esthetics, with superior stability. A fast and easy fit....
DMG LuxaCrown (Temporary Crown & Bridge Material)
The new LuxaCrown allows for the simple, quick and cost-effective manufacture of long-lasting crowns – directly chairside. The result is an incredible precision-fit, an esthetic and long-lasting restoration. Advantages Long-term stability LuxaCrown is very hard with a Barcol hardness of...
₹12,385.00 ₹11,450.00
3M ESPE Protemp 4 Temporisation Material
Protemp 4 Temporisation MaterialWith Protemp 4 Temporisation Material 3M ESPE has set another milestone in temporary crown and bridge materials. 3M ESPE has applied its expertise in nanotechnology to create the first bis-acrylic composite with a new generation of sophisticated...
GC Revotec LC Intro Set Crown & Bridge Material
Revotek LC, the first single-component light-curing composite resin for temporary restorations delivered as a stick. Fabricating high quality temporary inlays, onlays, crowns, veneers and bridges has never been this easy.Benefits: One component, no need for mixing No need for pre-impression...
Nexobio Trantemp Temporary Crown and Bridge Material
Trantemp is self curing esthetic material temporization materials for the fabrication of temporary crowns and bridges, inlays, onlays and veneers. Trantemp is a incorporating propietary nano technology, auto mixed, cartridge, dispensed provisional material will greatly reduce in office procedure time....
Nexobio Soft Dam Syringe Kit
Soft-Dam is a Light Cured Gingival Barrier (Curing time 20s)Soft Dam is passively adhesive methacrylate - based resin barrier used for isolating tissue adjacent to teeth being whited. Soft - Dam is light reflecting to minimize heat and tissue sensitivity...
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