Meddent Dental Aspirating Syringe
Equipped with double tip: one suitable for European / METRIC thread needles (EU) and one for American / IMPERIAL thread needles (AM). For administering local anaesthetic, using a pre-filled cartridge and an attached sterile needle (not provided).Packing1Pc
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Novocol Septodont Fusion Titanium Aspirating Syringe Dental Surgical Instrument
Injection of local anaesthetic solution. It is Ergonomic - available in 3 distinct sizes to provide better control and added comfort when aspirating. Aspirating syringe Small is ideal for smaller hands - equipped with a smaller thumb ring, finger grip...
₹4,000.00 ₹3,520.00
Dental Aspirating Syringe Dental Instrument
These syringes are used in conjunction with an anesthetic cartridge and needle to inject local anaesthesia into oral cavity.They are non-sterile, can be reused and come in aspirating and non aspirating forms respectively.Equipped with double tip: one suitable for European...
Coltene Whaledent Brilliant Ng Flow Syringe Refills / Dental Composite Material
BRILLIANT NG is a universal composite aimed at simplifying the technique of application, achieving excellent aesthetic results. Its pre-polymerised particle filling, in addition to high nanometric particle content, produce optimum consistency for manipulation and modelling along with a noticeable decrease in shrinkage and...
₹1,200.00 ₹845.00
Wizdent Wonder Flow / Convenient Dental Flowable Composite
DESCRIPTION A convenient, visible light cured, radiopaque, universal restorative composite that o?ers great handling, easy placement and bubble free controlled dispensing.The unique resin formulation is reinforced with special sub-micron fillers that provides optimal viscosity, appropriate ?owability, and high polishability and...
Ammdent D-Sense (2x3ml Syringe) Dental Desentisizing Gel
 Ammdent D-Sense is a desentisizing gel. INDICATIONS: For dentinal hypersensitivity Features:- Provides immediate results Works quickly and effectively against sensitivity in patients who are susceptible to adult root caries COMPOSITION: 1.1% Natural Sodium fluoride Packaging:- 2 x 3 ml Syringe
₹500.00 ₹379.00
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