Novocol Septodont Fusion Titanium Aspirating Syringe Dental Surgical Instrument
Injection of local anaesthetic solution. It is Ergonomic - available in 3 distinct sizes to provide better control and added comfort when aspirating. Aspirating syringe Small is ideal for smaller hands - equipped with a smaller thumb ring, finger grip...
Dental Aspirating Syringe Dental Instrument
These syringes are used in conjunction with an anesthetic cartridge and needle to inject local anaesthesia into oral cavity.They are non-sterile, can be reused and come in aspirating and non aspirating forms respectively.Equipped with double tip: one suitable for European...
Coltene Whaledent Brilliant Ng Flow Syringe Refills / Dental Composite Material
BRILLIANT NG is a universal composite aimed at simplifying the technique of application, achieving excellent aesthetic results. Its pre-polymerised particle filling, in addition to high nanometric particle content, produce optimum consistency for manipulation and modelling along with a noticeable decrease in shrinkage and...
Wizdent Wonder Flow / Convenient Dental Flowable Composite
DESCRIPTION A convenient, visible light cured, radiopaque, universal restorative composite that o?ers great handling, easy placement and bubble free controlled dispensing.The unique resin formulation is reinforced with special sub-micron fillers that provides optimal viscosity, appropriate ?owability, and high polishability and...
Ammdent D-Sense (2x3ml Syringe) Dental Desentisizing Gel
 Ammdent D-Sense is a desentisizing gel. INDICATIONS: For dentinal hypersensitivity Features:- Provides immediate results Works quickly and effectively against sensitivity in patients who are susceptible to adult root caries COMPOSITION: 1.1% Natural Sodium fluoride Packaging:- 2 x 3 ml Syringe
Prime Dental Hybrid Composite Kit With 7 Syringes
Description:- Prime Dental Hybrid Composite Kit is a restorative kit containing composite resin, etchant and a bonding agent. 7 syringes of 4.5g each, of visible light cure composite are included in the restorative kit. Also, a bottle of echant (7.5...
Dentgist NanoCom 7 Syringe Composite Restorative Kit
Dentgist NanoCom 7 Syringe Composite Kit is a visible light cured, radiopaque highly filled, nano filled hybrid composite restorative material for anterior and posterior restorations. Filler particle size affects the aesthetic and mechanical properties of composites. Nanocom contains a hybrid of...
Prevest Denpro Apacal Art Photo Cure Pulp Protectant/ Liner (2x2gm Syringe)
ApaCal ART is photo cure, resin modified, tricalcium phosphate pulp protectant / liner fortified with hydroxyapatite. It is designed to perform as a barrier and to protect the dental pulpal complex. Its unique, active release technology is useful in pulp capping...
Prevest Fusion Crysta Orthodontic Adhesive Kit (10024)
Prevest Denpro Fusion Crysta Orthodontic Adhesive Kit (10024) Fusion Crysta Orthodontic Adhesive Kit is a light-curing composite kit used for bonding Metal & Ceramic brackets to the tooth surface and for the cementation of molar bands. The kit contains a revolutionary...
Prevest Fusion Crysta Adhesive - Trial Pack 4gm Syringe
Fusion Crysta Orthodontic Adhesives is a light curing composite kit. It is used to Bond Metal & Ceramic brackets to the tooth surfaces and for the cementation of molar bands. Indications :- Used for Bonding Metal & Ceramic brackets to the...
Prevest Denpro Silane X Repairs And Bonding Etched Porcelain Restoration
Silane-X is a single component material that is used to enhance bond strength between composites/cement and porcelain. For best results, the etched porcelain surface should be completely dry and free of residual moisture before applying Silane-X. Indications Used for porcelain...
Prevest Denpro CalUltra Radiopaque Calcium Hydroxide Cavity Liner
Prevest Denpro CalUltra Calultra is a two-component, rigid-setting, self-curing lining material designed for use as a direct and indirect pulp capping agent and a protective liner under dental filling materials, cement, and other base materials. It has no effect on...
Coltene SYNERGY D6 Flow (2.3gm) Flowable Composite syringe
Synergy D6 Flow Includes 3 application needlesA flowable composite for special indicationsThe consistency of Synergy D6 Flow provides flow on-demand, meaning that the material will flow under pressureOther features: reduced shrinkage 4.4%, improved radiopacity 2.0mmSame shade concept as Synergy D6...
Coltene SYNERGY D6 Dentin Composite syringe
The SYNERGY D6 assortment comprises 6 dentin colours, 2 incisal and 1 whitening colour. Thanks to the excellent optical composite integration capabilities, it is possible to cover a wide range of tooth colours. Two translucent enamel colours are indicated as...
Coltene Synergy D6 (4gm) Enamel Universal Composite Syringe
Enamel Universal Synergy D6 CompositeWith the universal nano-filled composite SYNERGY D6, filling therapy is child's play. The SYNERGY D6 assortment comprises 6 dentin colours, 2 incisal and 1 whitening colour. Thanks to the excellent optical composite integration capabilities, it is...
Voco Bifix Se Quick mix Syringe
FEATURES No etching, no bonding Short intraoral setting time Easiest excess removal Very good adhesion to all materials Very low water solubility No mixing mistakes Excellent biocompatibility Available in three colours Bifix SE: Dual-curing self-adhesive composite-based luting system Indications Definitive...
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