Disposable Sterile Isolation Dental Surgical Gown
Sterile Isolation Gown is a latex-free, tie back protective gown to avoid cross contamination from blood and water splashes while operating. It provides good coverage from neck to below knee. The knitted cuffs provides an added advantage of restricting the...
Full Body Coverall Gown Suit with Hood & Shoe Cover (Washable / Autoclavable)
These lightweight coverall feature a full front zipper. Protects against non-hazardous aerosols, liquids, and dry dust.Coverall provide the protection of standard coveralls without the hassle of having to decontaminate used suits. Quick to deploy and easy to use, these disposable...
Coverall Gown 90 gsm Laminated Non-woven Breathable Fabric Dental Gown
Gown is high-quality breathable non-woven fabric, which protects you without wearing burden. Effectively block bacteria, viruses and other harmful liquids, gases, particles, etc., in line with national standard technical requirements.Packing1Pc
Surgical Green Cloth Gown With Sheet (Washable / Autoclave)
Full barrier protection on the arms and the body. Premium Quality Reusable Surgical Gown with Long Sleeves, Regular Fit and Round Neck. Colour: Fast Green.Neck and Waist Ties Help Ensure Snug Fit. Machine Wash and Autoclave Material. Easy to Wear...
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