AIE UV Chamber
AIE UV Chamber
AIE introduces UltraViolet Chambers with advanced technology and enhancedability for maintaining the sterlization after the instruments have been sterilized by autoclave or sterilizer. It is equipped with high quality Ultraviolet Light for its effective functioning. AIE UV Chamber is epoxy...
GDP Enclave Front Loading Autoclave
Enclave B Class is fully automatic front loading autoclave. with Vacuum, Sterilization and Dry Cycle. Vacuum pump is installed inside the autoclave to allow Pre and Post sterilization vacuum cycle inside the chamber as per the International standards. Total of...
GDP Uniclave Top Loading Autoclave
GDP Uniclave Mini Top Loading Autoclave is a dental autoclave used in dental sterilization procedures. This is a Bench type vertical autoclave that is compact, suitable for all clinics. The autoclave sterilizer is easy to operate without hassles. The autoclave...
Neelkanth Sterilization Pouch
Chevron shaped and with thumb holes for ease of opening. Manufatured form tinted hot sealable PET/PP films, 3 side seal with a ribbed pattern to medical grade paper incorporating steam & ETO indicator.PackingPack of 200 Pouches
Neelkanth Sterilization Rolls
Neelkanth Strialization Rolls. Manufactured from tinted hot sealable PET/PP film, 2 side sealed with a ribbed pattern to medical grade paper incorporating steam and EtO indicator. Wet Strength treated virgin medical grade paper that meets or exceeds medical pouch standard....
Neelkanth Stainless Steel Autoclavable Endo Box
Stainless Steel autoclavable endodontic organizer for files, 72 holes, Durable & Safe.Packing1 Unit
Septodont Quitanet Ultra (Disinfection Solution)
Concentrated cleaning and disinfection solution for dental instrumentsIndicationsInstrument cleaning and disinfectionFeatures Economical to use: the diluted (2%) solution remains active 24 hours. Can be used in a soaking tank and in ultra-sonic tank. Bactericidal in 5 min, 1%, 20°C: EN1040,...
Septodont Surfasept S.A (Surface Disinfection)
IndicationCleaning and disinfection of surfaces in the dental surgery.Feature Aldehyde-free solution for cleaning & disinfection of surfaces in the dental surgery. Bactericidal: NF EN 1040 and T 72-190 standards. Fungicidal: active on Candida albicans (NF EN 1275 standard). Active against...
₹900.00 from ₹230.00
Septodont Dimenol Spray (Impression Disinfection)
Septodont Dimenol is an impression disinfectant.IndicationDisinfection of impression materials (alginate, silicone)Features Compatible with casting materials. Bactericidal: NF EN 13727. Yeasticidal: NF EN 13624. Virucidal: active against HIV-1 according to NF T 72-18 Packing200ml Bottle
₹550.00 ₹430.00
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