TDV Elastic Wedges - (Pack of 75) Dental Restorative Assorted Wedges
For general use in restorative procedures, compatible with all matrix systems, with the mechanical function of adapting matrices and/or separating adjacent teethFeatures Acts simultaneously on both, lingual and vestibular side, providing a perfect adjustment of the matrix to the tooth...
TDV Translucid Wedges (Assorted Pack) Dental Interdental Transparent Wedges
The Translucid Wedges are indicated for general use, in restorative procedures using transparent matrices, with the mechanical function of adapting the matrix and/or separate adjacent teeth, and the optical function of helping the resin polymerization in the proximal region. The...
TDV Anatomic Interdental Dental Wooden Wedges (Pack of 100)
For general use in restoration procedures with the mechanical function of adapting the matrix and/or separating adjacent teethFeatures Anatomically shaped for a better adjustment in the interproximal Guarantee the matrix fixing, providing restorations without any sub-gingival excess Non-toxic pigments, do...
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