Shofu Acrylic Contouring & Finishing Kit HP
Designed for adjustment and polishing of acrylic dentures and appliances chairside or in the laboratory. Benefits Useful on domiciliary visits, at chairside in the surgery or laboratory, without the need or mess of a lathe. Contouring and polishing appropriate for...
Mani Diamond Burs - CR Inlay Polishing Series
This product has a stainless steel working part which is coated with fine diamond crystal.It is defined as the rotary grinding instruments for hard tissues such as tooth and bones.It is used for connecting with dental handpiece.It can also be...
from ₹298.00
TDV Praxis Finishing Polishing Kit
Praxis is a Finishing and polishing discs for composites.Praxis is a pop-on mandrel system indicated for a complete sequence of polishing.Features Metallic core for an easy fit on the mandrel Enables the fast inversion of the abrasive surface to mesial...
₹2,800.00 ₹2,545.00
TDV Sandpaper Discs
Indicated for finishing and polishing in composites with four grits codified by colorsFeatures Excellent Profitability Grits: Coarse (burgundy), Medium (pink), Fine (light pink) e Extrafine (white) Ultra-fine discs, very flexible and versatile, allow access to the most difficult regions Packing...
₹800.00 ₹675.00
TDV Superfix Finishing Polishing
₹1,800.00 ₹1,680.00
TDV Superfix Finishing Polishing
Superfix is a snap-on system indicated for a complete sequence of polishing. It is a Finishing and polishing discs for composites.Features Mandrel system that works by fitting, for an easy application Allows the use of all surface of the disc, not...
₹1,800.00 ₹1,680.00
Angelus Porcelain Repair Kit ( porcelain/ceramic prostheses)
Angelus Porcelain repair kit is for the repair of porcelain/ceramic prostheses.This products is use for Quick and perfect repairs.Esthetic repairs in porcelain fused to metal restorations. It contain 10% Hydrofluoridric Acid. Indications Conditioning of metal free restorations fabricated with porcelain (ceramic)...
₹3,300.00 ₹2,830.00
3M ESPE Sof-Lex Spiral Wheels ( Diamond Polishing System )
The Sof-Lex Diamond Polishing System is a two-step system that imparts a gorgeous diamond paste-like gloss in the convenience of a rubberized system. The flexible nature of the spiral adapts to all tooth surfaces—anterior and posterior, convex and concave and...
₹2,900.00 ₹2,499.00
Prevest Spectra Polishing Paste
Spectra Fresh is an abrasive paste used for polishing and after scaling. It's mechanical action produces a smooth surface without eroding the dental enamel. Spectra Minty is mint flavored that produces a fresh , pleasant tingling sensation and relieves the...
from ₹110.00
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