NeoEndo Retreatment Files Endodontic Dental Rotary Files
Neoendo Retreatment Files comes asN1 - For Coronal one-thirdN2 - For Middle one-thirdN3 - For Apical one-thirdN1 and N2 comes in 16mm and 18mm and N3 comes in 22mm and 25mm. Retreatment Files are used with gentle touch, the files...
Coltene GenEndo Niti Rotary Files 21mm Assorted / Heat Treated Gen Endo Files
ENDO Heat Treated NiTi Rotary Files Heat Treated NiTi Hand Files GenENDO™ heat-treated nickel titanium rotary and hand files are specially designed to give quick and predictable results for endodontic treatments. The system is designed to keep the simplicity of...
Cicada Rotary File / Dental Endodontic Files
In the intricate world of endodontics, dental endo files are the unsung heroes that play a crucial role in the success of root canal treatments. As a leading dental equipment supplier in China, CICADA Medical is committed to providing endodontists...
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