3M ESPE Relyx Ceramic Primer 5ml / Dental Porcelain Silane Agent
A prehydrolyzed silane based primer designed to enhance bonds to porcelain, ceramic, pre cured composite and metal surfaces. Must be used with a bonding system. Refill includes 5 ml bottle.. Features: Enhances bonds to porcelain, ceramic, pre-cured composite and metal...
Angelus Porcelain Conditioner Etchant & Bonding Agent /Dental Restoration
Indications Conditioning of metal free restorations fabricated with porcelain (ceramic) before cementation with resin Conditioning of porcelain fragments before bonding or repair with composite resin Features Gel consistency: facilitates application Excellent viscosity: flows only on desired areas Ideal for ceramic...
Shofu Coat-It 6ml (Dental Light Cured Resin Coat Restoration Material)
COAT-IT is a light-cured self-adhesive resin coat designed to provide a strong and protective seal on the surface of Glass Ionomers, provisionals and direct resins for enhanced mechanical properties, durability and aesthetics of the restoration. All it takes is a...
Woodpecker KP Bioceramic Root Canal Sealer/ Root Injectable obturation
Woodpecker KP Root is a non-resin cement that, in addition to its improved biocompatibility properties, also provides an easy pulp chamber cleaning after endodontic obturation.KP Root Sealer is a ready-to-use bioceramic cement for root canal filling. The bioceramic composition allows the...
Dentsply Sirona Calibra Coupling Agent / Dental Esthetic Resin Cement
Calibra Esthetic Resin Cement is a light-cured, dual-cured or self-cured high strength resin cement compatible with numerous dentin/enamel adhesive systems.It is to be used following the application of a suitable dentin/enamel adhesive to adhesively bond and lute indirect restorations to...
Angelus Silano Silane Coupling Agent 5ml /Porcelain (Ceramic)Dental glass fiber
Indication Treatment of internal surfaces of porcelain restorations and glass fiber posts before cementation with resin cements Treatment of porcelain surfaces before repair with composite resin Treatment of porcelain surfaces before bonding of porcelain Benefits Easy to use Less evaporation...
Angelus Porcelain Repair Kit (porcelain ceramic prostheses) Dental Restorations Material
Angelus Porcelain repair kit is for the repair of porcelain/ceramic prostheses.This products is use for Quick and perfect repairs.Esthetic repairs in porcelain fused to metal restorations. It contain 10% Hydrofluoridric Acid. Indications Conditioning of metal free restorations fabricated with porcelain (ceramic)...
Shofu Porcelain Primer -(5ml) Dental Bonding Agent
Porcelain Primer is designed to prime feldspathic porcelain and indirect composite restorations.FeaturesContains silane coupling agent that enhances bond strength to porcelain as well as indirect resin restorations during intra-oral cementation or repair.Key SpecificationComposition: Ethanol Silane Coupling Agent Packing5ml Bottle
Shofu P & R Porcelain Repair Kit - ( Dental Restoration Material )
A versatile light-cure bonding system that can be used clinically for the repair of fractured ceramic or indirect composite restorations intra-orally even when the metal is exposed and for chairside adjustment or in the laboratory for fabrication and repair of...
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