Runyes Class-B Type Feng 23L Autoclave / Front Loading Autoclave
Ningbo Runyes Medical Instrument Co. Ltd has focussed on Quality management combine with innovative designs of medical & dental equipment. The steam sterilizer has the most essential role in the clinic/hospital for sterilization of instruments and prevention of cross-contamination. Runyes...
GDP Uniclave Top Loading Autoclave ( Fully Automatic )
GDP Uniclave Mini Top Loading Autoclave is a dental autoclave used in dental sterilization procedures. This is a Bench type vertical autoclave that is compact, suitable for all clinics. The autoclave sterilizer is easy to operate without hassles. The autoclave...
GDP Enclave Front Loading Autoclave Vacuum, Sterilization
Enclave B Class is fully automatic front loading autoclave. with Vacuum, Sterilization and Dry Cycle. Vacuum pump is installed inside the autoclave to allow Pre and Post sterilization vacuum cycle inside the chamber as per the International standards. Total of...
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