DPI RR Cold Cure Denture Base Acrylic Repair Material
A cold cure self polymerizing acrylic material suitable for all types of repairs to acrylic dentures.Features Working time of 4 minutes. Rapid bench cure time of 14 minutes. Also useful in orthodontic work. Packing Powder = 110gms, 400gms,Liquid = 110ml...
from ₹150.00
Ruthinium AcryPol R - Dental Heat Cure Resin (PMMA)
Heat cure resin (PMMA) suitable for complete, partial and combined removable dental prostheses and for denture base reconstruction.Features good mechanical resistance stability of colour and dimensions natural appearance Packing
Detax Dental Mollosil - Starter Kit Relining / Denture Acrylic Material
Long-term relining material for chairside use, A-silicone based, permanently soft, cold curing. Secure bonding to the denture acrylic. For manual mixing, mixing ratio 1:1. Also suitable for immediate dentures. Bicompatible, taste- and odourless. Also suitable for application with the indirect...
Tokuyama Sofreliner Tough Kit (Soft/Medium) Silicone Based Soft Denture Liner
SOFRELINER TOUGH S(Soft)/M(Medium) is an addition-cured silicone chairside soft lining material for dentures. With SOFRELINER TOUGH S(Soft)/M(Medium) you can expect the relined denture surface to remain soft, smooth with less-discoloration and less-odor, taste, or chemical irritations. It offers a high...
Tokuyama Rebase II Fast Kit / Dental Denture Reline Material
TOKUYAMA REBASE II is a chairside hard denture reline material. Without compromising any benefits from its predecessor, Tokuso® Rebase, Tokuyama® Rebase II offers better polishability, lower heat generation for in-mouth curing, higher mechanical strengths, improved handling and less odor/taste. It...
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