Gauge (4982) Stainless Steel Dental Instrument
A Boley gauge is an instrument used in dentistry for measuring teeth and space.Boley Gauge helps in determining tooth dimensions of length, width, and thickness.The flat end is good for measuring teeth size and distance of spaces in the mouth.Boley...
Boon Gauge 2811 Dental Instrument for Boone Bracket positioning
Boone Bracket positioning gauge. Pinpoint accuracy is easy when you use this handy gauge for bracket placement. Increased efficiency is simply a matter of selecting the steps at 3.5mm, 4mm, 4.5mm or 5mm.Packing1 Boone Gauge
Dontrix Gauge (Dental Instrument)
The Dontrix gauge is a precision instrument designed to accurately measure the forces used in orthodontic applications. Packing1Pc
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