Woodpecker Airotor Handpiece -Wrench Type / Dental Equipments
Woodpecker Airotor Handpiece - Wrench type facilitate user comfortability and reduces procedural time. The airotor is powered by compressed air which passes up the central lumen of airotor. This column of air then strikes the blades of a windmill in...
Woodpecker Handpiece (Push Button) / Dental Equipments
Dental turbine handpiece is driven by compressed gas of high speed rotation that spins cutting burs at approximately 500,000 RPM and used for drilling, grinding and other operative procedures on teeth. Woodpecker airotor handpiece is reliable,light weight, comfortable and easy...
Woodpecker HW-3H Scaler Handpiece / Dental Equipments
Woodpecker HW-3H Scaler is compatible with Woodpecker Ultrasonic scaler UDS-P Model only. Woodpecker Ultrasonic Scaler HW-3H is the accessory of WOODPECKER seriesscalers. It is the handheld energy transformation part of ultrasonic scaler, by using piezoceramics to transfer electric energy to mechanical energy...
Woodpecker Scaler Handpiece (Hw-5l Optic) Dental Equipments
Detachable handpiece with LED light for better visibility Shell of the handpiece is made of special imported plastic from America Compatible with a Woodpecker/ EMS connection Please note: LED compatible unit is required for an LED handpiece to operate Compatible with - UDS-P...
Woodpecker Implant - X Implant Motor/ Dental Equipments
Woodpecker Implant Motor Implant – X that further ensures high-precision dental implanting treatment Strategy.  FEATURES:- Perfect Balance : Balance between weight of contra angle & motor guarantees & reduces fatigue in complex surgeries Outstanding Quality : Implant X adopts noiseless motor imported from Swiss Advance...
Woodpecker Ultrasonic Scaler Handpiece D3 Non-LED / Dental Equipments
Woodpecker D3 Non-LED Scaler Handpiece is the handheld energy transformation part of ultrasonic scaler which converts electric energy to mechanical energy for elimination of dental calculus. FEATURES:- Detachable scaler handpiece Compatible with EMS ultrasonic scaler Autoclavable PACKAGING:- 1 x Scaler Handpiece
W& H Service Oil F1 Spray - WH124 / Dental Handpiece Spray
The formula for a long instrument life W&H Service Oil F1 is a synthetic oil of maximum purity, which has been specially developed for maintenance of W&H turbine handpieces, straight and contra-angle handpieces, surgical instruments, air scalers and air motors. Service Oil F1...
Acteon NEWTRON P5 XS BLED Scaler / Dental Equipments
ACTEON has created an exclusive technique called the Drop-by-drop Technique which can only be achieved with NEWTRON. Original ACTEON tips ensure controlled irrigation up to the tip extremity. Set the irrigation flow rate to 0 and the power to 3 on the device. Point...
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