Stim Saleva Dental Mouth Wash 480ml
For moisturizing effect in dry mouth conditions – caused due to radiation therapy of oral cancer patients, chronic smokers, diabetic & dialysis patients, Parkinson’s disease sufferers, patients on psychiatric / diuretic drugs (that increase the flow of urine), & in...
ICPA Clinsodent Tablets Denture Cleansing Dental Tablets (Pack of 10)
ICPA Clinsodent Tablets - Denture Cleaning Tables Effervescent Denture Cleansing TabletsCompositionEach uncoated tablet contains Sodium perborate monohydrate 480mg. Mode of action: Specially formulated to clean all water insoluble residues from dentures that other cleansers may not remove. Clinsodents powerful antibacterial...
ICPA Younifloss High Quality Superior Dental Floss (Pack of 10)
Younifloss is made from highest quality floss to deliver the most effective dental cleaning. with its comfortable design you can quickly floss in between all the teeth. Regular flossing with Younifloss helps you to remove plaque from between your teeth...
ICPA Thermoseal Proxa Interdental Brush (Pack of 6)
L' shaped angular interproximal brushes, made from DuPont bristles,for cleaning thin gaps between the teeth. Helps to clean gaps between molar with ease.Packing Pack of 6
Stim-Ex Ortho Wax (Pack of 5) Mint flavoured Dental Wax
Mint flavoured wax blocks smartly packed in a box.PackingPack of 5
Stim Ultigel Antiseptic Dental Pain-Relieving gel 15gm Tube (Pack of 5)
Antiseptic pain-relieving gel for oral ulcers. A unique formula that relieves pain and stops the infection, thereby preventing oral ulcer from spreading. Also helps healing of the oral ulcer. Contains 1 % chlorhexidine gluconate w/w and benzocaine 10% w/w. Oral...
ICPA Mucopain Gel 15gm Tube Benzocaine Mucosal Pain Relief Gel (Pack of 10)
For Instant Mucosal Pain ReliefCompositionBenzocaine I.P. 20% w/w in a water-miscible baseMode of ActionTopical anaesthetic agents such as Mucopain penetrate the oral mucosa effectively and offer local anaesthetic activity that lasts for 10-20 minutes. The poor water solubility of Mucopain...
Stim Unique MB Dental Brush Extra Super Soft (Pack of 6)
STIM Unique is specially designed with 42 tufts which is best for people with large jaws. It is a compact and small head toothbrush which helps to clean till the last molars, with ease. It includes a free STIM Proxa...
ICPA Remin Foaming Non-Fluoridated Toothpaste 50gm (Pack of 5)
Composition :- Calcium sodium phosphosilicate 5% Mode of Action :- The reaction of Bioactive Glass particles begins when the material is subjected to an aqueous environment.Bioactive glass is made up of amorphous Calcium-sodium- phosphosilicate (CSPS).CSPS is highly reactive in aqueous...
ICPA Thermoseal Ortho dontic Dental Brush for oral Hygiene (Pack of 12)
For Healthy Oral Hygiene During Orthodontic TreatmentUses THERMOSEAL ORTHO brush is a professionally designed orthodontic brush with soft bristles. Long outer bristles of 10 mm gently massage the gums and cleans tooth surface, while removing plaque from the gum line....
ICPA Denture Replay Kit Denture Relining Material
Replay Denture Kit is a complete denture management kit, consisting of Denture Storewell, Clinsodent Tablets, Clinsodent Brush and Fixon Denture Adhesive Cream. Clinsodent denture brush features: Hygienically designed no seams where dirt can get trapped. 2 types of nylon bristles...
Stim Dentaids Denofit (Pack of 5) Cusions Gum / Denture Adhesive Cream
Denofit is a Gantrez-based denture adhesive cream that ensures longer retention of dentures, and cushions gums for a comfortable feeling.Features It builds confidence, as it holds on to new or ill-fitting dentures. Its specialized nozzle allows for delivery of the...
Stim Clanden Denture Cleansing Paste (Pack of 10)
With antibacterial / antifungal properties4 in 1, Instant cleaning power of a paste with the freshing power of a minty gel, by reducing microbal load While Removing Stains. Instant Cleaning action Cleans, Brightens Full & partial dentures, remove stain &...
Stim Denture Box Dental Teeth Storage Box (Pack of 5)
Dentures( false teeth) need to be stored in a proper manner, especially at night or while travelling. The Stim denture box should be filled with water after placing denture in it.Close the cover by pressing tight to prevent water from...
DPI RR Cold Cure Denture Base Acrylic Repair Material
A cold cure self polymerizing acrylic material suitable for all types of repairs to acrylic dentures.Features Working time of 4 minutes. Rapid bench cure time of 14 minutes. Also useful in orthodontic work. Packing Powder = 110gms, 400gms,Liquid = 110ml...
from ₹150.00
Stim Flosser Pick & Floss (Pack of 5) Dental floss
STIM Flosser helps remove plaque and food particles between teeth and just below the gum line for a more complete clean vs. brushing alone. Features It is single-use, flat and user-friendly flosser that glides between the teeth with ease. There...
Stim Flosal pick & Floss (Pack of 5) Dental floss
STIM Flosal provides easy flossing for all 32 teeth, with its elegant right-angle design and PTFE Floss. Its design helps to clean behind the third molar effectively, as it glides with ease between the gaps.Features Insert Stim Flosal in to...
Stim Interdental Refills Dental Brush (Pack of 12)
STIM Interdental is a rigid handle interdental brush which facilitates changing the brush tips. PackingPack of 12
Septodont Calypso Dental Mouthwash Liquid - Mint Flavoured
Indication Mouthwash solution prior or during dental proceduresPacking Septodont Calypso Mint Flavored Mouthwash 200Ml1 x 200ml Bottle Septodont Calypso Mint Flavored Mouthwash 500ml1 x 500ml Bottle
from ₹250.00
Stim Orthodontic Ortho-MB Dental Brush (Pack of 6)
STIM Ortho-MB is specially designed for cleaning teeth with braces. It is made from super-soft bristles which remove plaque from the gum line and clean the outer surface of the teeth. It has a special V-cut for improved cleaning of...
Stim Denture Brush Dental Cleansing Brush (Pack of 5)
Special brush for cleaning denture with tapering tufts on both side. Tapering tufts are long, soft and shaped to clean the surface that sticks to the jaw and gums.Clean dentures over a sink containing water, or over a towel, to...
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