TDV Finishing and Polishing Strips kit -Dental Polyester Strips.
TDV Finishing and Polishing Strip kit is a luminum oxide coated polyester strips.IndicationIndicated for finishing and polishing compositesFeatures Medium and fine grits separated by a neutral space, providing an easier insertion into the contact point area without harming it Available...
3M ESPE Sof-lex Finishing Strips Kit -1954 /Finishing and Polishing Dental Strips
For finishing and polishing interproximal areas, 3M™ ESPE™ Sof-Lex™ Finishing Strips round-off the the system. Sof-Lex Finishing Strips: Thin, flexible backing with aluminium oxide coating Centre-gapped strip with two abrasive grades per strip, which allows interproximal access Three different types...
3M ESPE Sof-lex Polishing Strips 1956 Finishing and Polishing Dental Strips
Sof-Lex finishing and polishing strips are designed to help prevent interproximal plaque buildup for superior finishing and polishing results. Refill includes 120 fine/superfine strips (7″ x 5/32″).Benefits: Easy-to-use system allows you to create smooth proximal surfaces. Strips are gapped at...
Dentsply Enhance Finishing & Polishing Refills /Dental Finishing & Polishing system
Dentsply Enhance Finishing & Polishing system is used for finishing and polishing of composite restorations. As pressure is applied, abrasive particles disengage from the cups, discs and points to effectively buff the surface of the restoration. The result is smooth...
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