Prevest Hemostal Liquid 15ml Dental Chloride Hemostatic Liquid
Hemostal is 25% buffered aluminimum chloride solution for stopping minor gingivial bleeding during restorative procedures, placement of metal bands, cervical matrixes and crown preparations.Packing15ml Bottle
3M Astringent Retraction Paste Capsules / Aluminum Chloride
3M ESPE Retraction Capsule delivers a retraction paste that contains 15% aluminum chloride. The astringent retraction paste is placed directly into the sulcus via a patented, easy-to-use, hygienic unit-dose capsule. The capsules are compatible with most composite dispensers. Indication: 3M™...
Detax Esthetic Mask Automix / Silicone-Based gingival Mask
Flexible, A-silicone-based, to produce dental technological master and saw models, cold-curing, dimensionally stable, tear-resistant and very elastic. Easy and comfortable to process. For a natural, aesthetic gingival aspect, problem-free function. Indications Preparation of gingival masks on master models and saw...
Ammdent Easy Stat Hemostatic Agent / Viscous Ferric sulfate Retraction Material
Easy Stat is a 20% Farric sulfate Haemostatic Gel provides effective tissue management when completing impression, restoration, crown & bridge procedures. Medium Viscosity gel, will not flow on to surrounding tissue. Features It seals the damaged vessels mechanically, thus producing...
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