Meddent Implant Drills Kit Set of 8pc Dental Instrument
Meddent Implan Drill Kit of 8 Pc's Set is a External Irrigation Bur Holder.It is made in Stainless Steel. Implant Drills kit have Excellent Qualiy. PackingSet of 8 Pc Drills Sizes  2.0mm 2.5mm 2.8mm 3.3mm 3.65mm 4.0mm 4.2mm 4.8mm  
Meddent Trephine Drills Set of 8pc Dental Instrument Kit
Trephine drills are used for bone harvesting, bone perforation, implant removal. Thin cutting blade for minimum bone loss. The smaller diameter instruments are more suited for the preparation of a bone lid during an apicoectomy. Trephine burs remove the bone...
Meddent Implant Trimmer Kit Stainless steel Kit
Meddent Implant Trimmer kit is a Stainless steel Kit. Technical SpecificationMaterial: Stainless SteelRusting Prevention Procedure: PassivatedUltrasonic Cleaned: YesDull-Polished: YesUsage: Left Hand or Right Hand PackingTREPHINE DRILLS:3.0 mm4.0 mm5.0 mm6.0 mm7.0 mm8.0 mm9.0 mm TISSUE PUNCH4.0 mm4.5 mm5.0 mm5.5 mm6.0 mm...
Meddent Bone Expander Kit (Set of 13) Implant Instrument
Meddent Bone Expander Kit is from selective stainless steel by skilled workers with modern machines, keeping control on production and quality at every step to guarantee a supply of Instruments with utmost precision. Bone Expander Kit has been Designed as...
Meddent Tissue Punch set of 8 kit Dental Implant Teflon coated
The Dental Implants Tissue Punch provides a precise easy method of Soft Tissue removal to insure positive seating of healing abutments. PackingTissue Punch Set of 8Pc3.5mm4.0mm4.50mm5.0mm5.5mm6.0mm6.5mm7.0mm
Woodpecker Implant - X Implant Motor/ Dental Equipments
Woodpecker Implant Motor Implant – X that further ensures high-precision dental implanting treatment Strategy.  FEATURES:- Perfect Balance : Balance between weight of contra angle & motor guarantees & reduces fatigue in complex surgeries Outstanding Quality : Implant X adopts noiseless motor imported from Swiss Advance...
Dental Implant Prosthetic Universal Kit
Implant Prosthetic Kit includes a complete set of components for tightening clinical and prosthetic screws to the correct torque value. This kit give clinicians the ability to handle any implant brand attachment. Save time and money by not having to order...
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