Shofu Composite Finishing Dental Kit CA & FG
The kit comprises of an assortment of abrasive stones that are designed for contouring and finishing aesthetic restorations.In Kit Dura-Green silicon carbide stones for adjusting and Dura-White aluminum oxide stones for fine finishing and Contra-Angle and Friction-Grip kits.Your choice of...
Shofu Gold Polishing Kit - (Dental Finishing & Polishing Material)
An assortment of Brownie, Greenie and Supergreenie points for polishing precious and semi-precious metal alloys to a high-lustre. Brownie for polishing and Supergreenies (with yellow banded shank) for superpolis hing. Brownie , Greenie and Supergreenie Polishers are autoclavable for reuse....
Shofu Crown & Bridge Dental Preparation Kit
The Crown & Bridge Preparation kit is designed to offer speedy, simple and accurate tooth preparation for a wide range of crown and bridge restorations, veneers and onlays. Precise depth orientation grooves can be achieved easily with the specially designed...
Shofu P & R Porcelain Repair Kit - ( Dental Restoration Material )
A versatile light-cure bonding system that can be used clinically for the repair of fractured ceramic or indirect composite restorations intra-orally even when the metal is exposed and for chairside adjustment or in the laboratory for fabrication and repair of...
Shofu All Ceramic Preparation Kit - ( Dental Tooth Preparation Material )
SHOFU ALL CERAMIC PREPARATION KITThe All Ceramic Preparation kit is specially created with an exclusive range of diamond burs for simple, efficient and accurate tooth preparation for full-ceramic, inlay/onlay and veneer restorationsThe special selection of 17 burs are created for...
Shofu Direct Cosmetic Dental Restoration Kit
A carefully selected assortment of diamond points to help achieve accuracy and efficiency during tooth preparation and contouring / finishing of direct cosmetic restorations with special attention to preservation of tooth structureThe kit offers unique shapes of diamond points for...
Shofu Composite Polishing Dental Kit CA
A comprehensive assortment of stones and impregnated silicone polishers for finishing and polishing of composites and glass ionomers.Features The durable abrasive points are autoclavable and cost-effective. Comprehensive selection of points for finishing and polishing in one kit For fast and...
Shofu NP Alloy Adjustment Kit HP ( Dental Finishing & Polishing Material )
A specially selected assortment for adjusting non-precious alloys chairside or in the laboratory.Features Lab Series stones are made of pure aluminium oxide for adjusting PFM alloy without any hassle of carbon contamination while Hardies smoothen away fine scratches and assure...
Shofu Acrylic Contouring & Finishing Kit HP/ Dental Finishing and Polishing Material
Designed for adjustment and polishing of acrylic dentures and appliances chairside or in the laboratory. Benefits Useful on domiciliary visits, at chairside in the surgery or laboratory, without the need or mess of a lathe. Contouring and polishing appropriate for...
Shofu Porcelain Adjustment Kit / Dental Finishing & Polishing Material
The Porcelain Adjustment Kit has specially selected assortment of white stones and porcelain polishers for chair-side adjustment and glaze like polishing of porcelain restorations prior to placement This set is indispensable in the dental laboratory for very fine adjustments of...
Shofu Enamel Adjustment Kit CA (Dental Finishing & Polishing Kit)
The Enamel Adjustment Kit is designed for intra-oral adjustments of natural dentition or porcelain and super polishing the adjusted surfaces. Ideal for polishing after cosmetic contouringThe Enamel Adjustment Kit is indispensable in the dental practice for very fine adjustments of...
Meddent Composite Instrument Kit (Set of 6)
Composite Instruments Titanium Coated Blue with Cassette includes below given instruments :-CIB1 # 6CIB2 # 6 CIB3 # 6CIB4 # 6CIB5 # 6CIB6 # 6Packing1 Kit
Meddent Rubber Dam Kit Dental Instruments
A complete Rubber Dam Kit that provides the best isolation for your cases.Rubber Dam Kit Includes the following Items Rubber Dam Punch Rubber Dam Forcep Rubber Dam Frame Plastic Rubber Dam Sheet 6×6 Adult or 5x5 Pedo Rubber Dam Clamp...
Meddent Turkey Style Crown Remover Kit
Meddent Crown Remover Kit (Turkey Style).IndicationsUsed In - Permanently cemented crowns and / or bridges Temporarily cemented provisional or final restorations Maryland bridges orthodontic brackets / bands Removable appliances "stuck" at attachments Multi-unit restoration "stuck"on working lab model Packing Single...
Prima Dental Veneer Preparation 9 Burs Kit
Veneer Preparation Kit (9 Bur Kit) This kit offers carefully selected diamond instruments for accurate controlled preparation of ceramic veneers. A carefully selected assortment of diamond points to help achieve accuracy and efficiency during tooth preparation and contouring/finishing of direct...
Meddent Implant Drills Kit Set of 8pc Dental Instrument
Meddent Implan Drill Kit of 8 Pc's Set is a External Irrigation Bur Holder.It is made in Stainless Steel. Implant Drills kit have Excellent Qualiy. PackingSet of 8 Pc Drills Sizes  2.0mm 2.5mm 2.8mm 3.3mm 3.65mm 4.0mm 4.2mm 4.8mm  
Meddent Trephine Drills Set of 8pc Dental Instrument Kit
Trephine drills are used for bone harvesting, bone perforation, implant removal. Thin cutting blade for minimum bone loss. The smaller diameter instruments are more suited for the preparation of a bone lid during an apicoectomy. Trephine burs remove the bone...
Meddent Implant Trimmer Kit Stainless steel Kit
Meddent Implant Trimmer kit is a Stainless steel Kit. Technical SpecificationMaterial: Stainless SteelRusting Prevention Procedure: PassivatedUltrasonic Cleaned: YesDull-Polished: YesUsage: Left Hand or Right Hand PackingTREPHINE DRILLS:3.0 mm4.0 mm5.0 mm6.0 mm7.0 mm8.0 mm9.0 mm TISSUE PUNCH4.0 mm4.5 mm5.0 mm5.5 mm6.0 mm...
Meddent Bone Expander Kit (Set of 13) Implant Instrument
Meddent Bone Expander Kit is from selective stainless steel by skilled workers with modern machines, keeping control on production and quality at every step to guarantee a supply of Instruments with utmost precision. Bone Expander Kit has been Designed as...
PMT Set of 3 Instrument Kit (Dental Instrument)
PMT Set kit Contains1 Probe1 Mirror1 TweezerMade of high quality German Stainless Steel PMT includes below given instruments Single End Probe EXD5 Londen College Tweezer DPU17 M.M Handle With Top Packing1 x Single End Probe #11 x London College# Premium...
Conservative Kit Economy Instrument Set of 20 in Pouch Dental Instrument
It is a set of 19 conservative instruments that are ideal to be used for various purposes like examination, restoration,  of tissues, removing teeth and operating other surrounded oral regions. The Dental Instruments are made using advanced technology and keeping...
Extraction Forceps Kit Set of 12 (Dental Instrument)
HDT EXTRACTION FORCEPS Set of 12 Extraction Forceps includes below given instruments :-Upper Anterior FX1SUpper Premolar FX7SLower Premolar FX13SUpper Molar Right FX17SUpper Molar Left FX18SUpper Root FX51ASUpper Third Molar FX67ASLower Molar FX73SLower Root FX74NSLower Molar FX86SUpper Molar Right FX89SUpper Molar...
Crown Remover Kit Dental orthodontic Instrument
HDT Crown Remover Kit (Turkey Style).Indications Permanently cemented crowns and / or bridges Temporarily cemented provisional or final restorations Maryland bridges orthodontic brackets / bands Removable appliances "stuck" at attachments Multi-unit restoration "stuck"on working lab model Packing Single Crown remover...

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