Septodont Surfasept S.A (Dental Surface Disinfection Solution)
Indication       Cleaning and disinfection of surfaces in the dental surgery.Feature Aldehyde-free solution for cleaning & disinfection of surfaces in the dental surgery. Bactericidal: NF EN 1040 and T 72-190 standards. Fungicidal: active on Candida albicans (NF EN 1275...
from ₹230.00
Septodont Dimenol Spray 200ml Bottle (Dental Impression Material)
Septodont Dimenol is an impression disinfectant.IndicationDisinfection of impression materials (alginate, silicone)Features Compatible with casting materials. Bactericidal: NF EN 13727. Yeasticidal: NF EN 13624. Virucidal: active against HIV-1 according to NF T 72-18 Packing200ml Bottle
Septodont R4 (13ml) Dental Root Canal Disinfectant Endodontic Solution
R4 is a solution for the cleaning of root canals.It will ensure clean canals, because of its specific action on anaerobic strains in the root canal flora and endo periodontal lesions.Indication Lubrication of instruments used to shape the canal. Flushing...
PD Swiss Endoseptone 15ml Root Canal Dental Filling Material
Endoseptone is a solution which offers a triple-action:- bactericidal- sedative- anti-inflammatory, thanks to the added Dexamethasone. It also reduces the risk of allergic reactions.Indications Disinfection of the root-canal and deep cavities Treatment against gangrene of the pulp Disinfection of narrow,...
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