API Face Shield Full Cover Dental Surgical Direct Splash Protection Shield
The protective shields are made of first quality Anti-fog transparent material to provide complete face safety.The economic Face Shield provides a full facial protection (nose, mouth, eyes) with an excellent optical view.The shield fits perfect direct as well over glasses.FEATURES...
API Typodont Jaw Set Study Model ( Dental Teeth For Crowns and Bridges.)
A typodont is an educational tool for dental and hygienist students, allowing them to practice certain dental procedures on the plastic teeth of a model before actually performing the procedures on live patients. Generally, typodonts have replaceable, screw-in teeth that...
API Rolex Impression Compound /Dental Impression Material
Thermoplastic and rigid impression material for edentulous casesComposition Resin Copal resin Carnauba wax Stearic acid Talc Coloring agent IndicationFor preliminary impressions in edentulous casesFeatures Extremely smooth Easy to Use Dimensional stability when set Models can be poured up to 2...
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