Dental Avenue AvueCal Calcium Hydroxide Paste /Temporary filling Material
Premixed Calcium Hydroxide Paste for temporary filling of Root canals Suggested for Root canal filling for primary teeth Useful after Pulp extirpation Treatment Filling after the pulpectomy Suggested for pulp Capping Has an osteoinductive action Features Water soluble hence easy...
Dental Avenue AvueCal+ Calcium Hydroxide Paste with Iodoform for Root Canal
Useful for Root canal treatment.Ideal for treating Infected Root canal.For Vital pulpotomies in deciduous teeth, Temporary Root canal treatment after pulpectomy Has osteoinductive action.Features Ideal for infected root canal Treats traumatic injuries to the teeth Antibacterial and bacteriostatic Promotes apexification...
Dental Avenue AvuePrep+ EDTA /30ml Liquid For Removing Smear Layer
Helps to decalcify the dentin Makes it easier to remove debris Helps to enlarge and shape the canal for final filling Features AvuePrep+ helps to decalcify the dentin in the Canal Wall AvuePrep+ makes easy for Instrumentations Suggested as an...
Dental Avenue AvuePrep EDTA Gel /Root Canal Filling Material
Advantages Removes smear layer and softens the dentin & eases the removal of calcifiedobstructions. Urea Peroxide interacts with Avuechlor produces Oxygen bubbles which flushes out the debris . EDTA reacts with calcium deposits & softens the canal walls and hence...
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Dental Avenue Avue A+ Calcium Hydroxide / Root Canal Sealer
Dental Avenue Avue A+  Calcium Hydroxide Based Root Canal Sealer Packaging: 1 x Base Tube 1 x Catalyst Tube Mixing Pad
AvueBite (2 x 50ml) A-silicone based Bite Registration Material.
AvueBite is Addition silicon based bite registration material with Exceptional accuracy and thixotropic characteristics. It captures an accurate representation of the occlusal relationships with high end hardness, with its Unique Mixing tip material can be spread into uniform thickness. INDICATIONS...
Avue Gum Light Body Elastomeric Impression Material - 2x50ml
Avue Gum Hydrophilic Vinyl Polysiloxane Impression Material Indications : Crown & Bridge impressions Pickup Impressions Full arch impressions in Implantology Veneer / Laminate Inlay and Onlay impressions Functional impression Impressions for orthodontic splints and study models Features : Excellent detail...
Dental Avenue Bioclear Anterior Matrix Kit - Esthetic Restorations System
 Bioclear Anterior Kit-Modern matrix system for esthetic restorations The Bioclear Matrix’s anatomic shape allows for predictable restoration or change of a tooth’s emergence profile. If there is a good contact, the matrix is easily used wedge free. When placed into the sulcus,...
Dental Avenue Bioclear Intro Matrix Posterior Kit
KIT CONTENTS : INTRO HD KIT Matrices : 20 Matrices 5 each of 4 sizes (4.5HD, 5.5HD, 6.5HD and 5.5HD premolar matrix) 20 Matrices. Wedges : 20 Wedges, 4 each of 5 sizes (Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large and Deep...
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