FGM Primma Art (75gm Cartridge) Temporary Crown Material
Primma Art 75gm Cartridge Self-curing composite for making provisional teeth. Mechanical strength Shade fidelity to the Vita shade guide Low heat release Benefits Mechanical stength:Greater resistance to fracture and wear. Shade fidelity to the Vita shade guide:Greater predictability of results....
FGM Ambar Universal APS (5ml Bottle) Bonding Etchant
Ambar Universal APS Self-etching light-curing adhesive system for enamel and dentin. Universal Adhesive (use under different acid etching protocols and on different surfaces); Minimizes post-operative sensitivity; APS system: Excellent performance at any moisture level of dentin; Perfect for intracanal application....
FGM Whitepost DC (Pack of 5) Dental fiberglass Post
Product Description Whitepost is a fiberglass post. Whitepost is a post made of fiberglass composite and high - strength epoxy resin that acts as intraradicular reinforcement of the dental structure and promotes retention for the definitive restorative or core build...
FGM Desensibilize KF Gel (2.5gm) Low-viscosity gel
Desensibilize KF Low-viscosity gel with double desensitizing action. Prevents dental hypersensitivity resulting from procedures with whitening agents Immediate comfort     Benefits Double densensitizing action:Resulting from the association of potassium nitrate (neural action) and sodium fluoride (occlusive action). Available in...
Fgm Condac Porcelana Condicinador Para (2.5ml Syringe) Porcelain Etchant
Product Description Condac Porcelana is a low - viscosity gel containing hydrofluoric acid at 5% and 10% for etching of porcelain. Condac 37 presents excellent results in etching of the enamel and dentin to improve the adhesion of the restorative...
FGM Whiteness HP Maxx - Hydrogen peroxide 1 Patient Kit
Whiteness HP Maxx is a bleaching based on Hydrogen peroxide at 35% for the whitening of vital and non-vital teeth. The product contains a combination of special tints that acts as an absorbing barrier (changes from intense carmine color to...
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