Meta Gutta Percha Points - 2% Taper
Meta Gutta Percha Point Taper 2%.Features Made from the Finest Gutta Percha Uniformly Hand Rolled. Stiff but flexible to provide ideal working qualities. Uniform and non-distorting crimp. Excellent radiopacity. Long shelf life and freshness assured. Suitable for vertical and lateral...
Meta Bonemedik Bone Graft - DM Bone 0.5mm -1.0mm (1gm)
Meta BoneMedik DM Synthetic Resorbable Materials. Biphasic Calcium Phosphate (BCP) - Bioceramics for Implants.Advantages Silicon ion containing porous hydroxy apatite (Si-content-avg0.6wt%) Optimum Balance between HA and β-TCP in the ratio (60:40) Silicon ion technology speeds up the bone regeneration and...
₹2,332.00 ₹2,090.00
Meta Metapex Plus Root Canal Filling Material
Metapex Plus is a temporary root canal filling material with excellent radiopacity and is an antibacterial, premixed paste composed of Calcium Hydroxide with Iodoform. Indication Apexification Temporary or permanent root canal treatment Pulpotomies in deciduous teeth Root resorption treatment Features...
₹745.00 from ₹710.00
Meta Adseal Resin Based Root Canal Sealer
₹1,800.00 ₹1,250.00
Meta Adseal Resin Based Root Canal Sealer
ADSEAL is a epoxy resin based root canal sealer which is a paste-paste type of dual syringe.It had a outstanding chemical and physical property including extremely excellent sealing property and biocompatobility.ADVANTAGES Easy to mix by paste Hermetic sealing ability Nonstaining...
₹1,800.00 ₹1,250.00
Meta Nexcore Dual Cured Core Build Up Composite
Meta Nexcore Meta Nexcore is a Dual-cured core build-up composite resinPost adhesions and core-build up in restoration.Suitable viscosity and flow ideal for cementing pins and reconstruction of abutments. Features Polymerization double - curing and self-cure Biocompatibility Release fluoride - helps...
₹3,000.00 ₹2,600.00
Meta Nexcomp Flow (Nano Hybrid Flowable Composite)
Meta Nexcomp Flow is a Nano Hybrid Flowable Composite Resin based dental restorative material .Light curing time: 20 seg Applications Restoration of minimally invasive cavity Pits and fissure sealant Base and liner for direct restoration Repair acrylic temporary materials Repair...
₹800.00 ₹765.00
Meta Etchant Pack of 3 Syringe
37% phosphoric acid in water thickened with unique polymerApplicationConditioning of surface for dentin and enamel with composite and inlay / onlayFeatures Polymer thickened semi-gel Easy dispensing and application No residue, rinse out completely Thixotrophic characteristics (not runny) Packing3g x 3...
Meta MD Temp Plus (Temporary Cement)
Easy application and removal. Hermetic seals the cavity. Excellent Stability when set. Proper crush strengthIndicationTo be used by a dental professional as a temporary filling material.ContraIndicationContraindicated for patients with known hypersensitivity to hydraulic temporary restoratives. In case of allergy, refer...
₹350.00 ₹282.00
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