NeoEndo NeoProbe Files
Neoendo Neoprobe FilesThe minimal taper at 1% helps to perform intermediate steps in calcified or curved canalSquare cross- section IDEALLY USED FOR: Calcified Canals Curved/Blocked Canals FeaturesThe minimal taper at 1% helps to perform intermediate steps in calcified or curved...
₹436.00 ₹299.00
NeoEndo S Rotary File
Neoendo S rotary file is designed to have a special S-shaped cross-section. This allows minimum radial wall contact which translates to reduced stress on the file. In addition, the excellent upward debris auguring ensures that the debris isn’t pushed apically...
₹1,365.00 ₹1,190.00
NeoEndo K Files
K files are most commonly used hand files for cleaning and shaping of root canal system.Indication Used for canal negotiation For canal cleaning and shaping Used to maintain apical patency Can be used as present file in curved canal cases...
₹1,365.00 ₹1,300.00
NeoEndo Side Vent Irrigation Needle
Side Vent Needle for Endo Irrigation One Lateral Vent and Rounded TipThe Side Vent Needle is an endodontic irrigation needle with one lateral vent for gentle but effective irrigation for root canals.Penetration of the apex is avoided due to the...
₹910.00 ₹699.00
NeoEndo Pedoflex Rotary File 16mm Assorted
Nickel-Titanium (Ni-Ti) rotary files are widely used for cleaning & shaping of permanent tooth.But when the same files are used in primary teeth the clinician finds that the long length (21mm,25mm,28mm,31mm) & high taper of these files makes working difficult.To...
NeoEndo Retreatment Files
Neoendo Retreatment Files comes asN1 - For Coronal one-thirdN2 - For Middle one-thirdN3 - For Apical one-thirdN1 and N2 comes in 16mm and 18mm and N3 comes in 22mm and 25mm. Retreatment Files are used with gentle touch, the files...
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