Meddent Rubber Dam Kit Dental Instruments
A complete Rubber Dam Kit that provides the best isolation for your cases.Rubber Dam Kit Includes the following Items Rubber Dam Punch Rubber Dam Forcep Rubber Dam Frame Plastic Rubber Dam Sheet 6×6 Adult or 5x5 Pedo Rubber Dam Clamp...
DMG Minidam Silicone Gingiva Protection Latex-free Dental Material
The DMG MiniDam(Non -Autoclable/One time use ONLY) is a silicone-based gingival protection device that protects the proximal area during treatment - quickly, easily and most importantly, comfortably for the patient. The DMG MiniDam's innovative design ensures that the site being...
Rubber Dam Punch Ainsworth 17cm
Used to place holes in rubber dam material to permit the passage of the dam over the crowns of the teeth. The handles are squeezed together and the plunger (punch) creates a hole in the rubber dam material. It is...
Rubber Dam Clamp Set of 28
Used to anchor a rubber dam down to the cervical region of an exposed tooth. This device comes in a variety of shapes, sizes, and designs for various situations. It is typically made of spring metal and has bevelled jaws...
Rubber Dam Forcep Stoke (17.5cm) / Instruments
HDT Rubber Dam Forcep - Stoke (17.5cm)For the insertion and removal of rubber dam clamps. With small projections at the working end that fit into corresponding holes in the rubber dam clamp. With a sliding lock mechanism that locks the...
Coltene Rubber Dam Dental Starter Kit (Winged Kit - with Punch & Forcep)
Rubber dam (dental dam) is used mainly in endodontic treatment. Its main function is to isolate the tooth being treated from its environment, in particular from the bacteria in the oral cavity. Rubber Dam permits a clean and dry operative field and...
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