Septodont Alveogyl Dry Socket Treatment- Dental Filling Material
IndicationDry socket treatment.Features With a fibrous consistency thanks to Penghawar fibers for an easy filling of the socket and a good adherence to the alveolus Provides a soothing effect on the alveolar tissues thus helping to rapidly alleviate the pain...
Septodont Progel B (30gm Jar) Dental Anesthetic Gel -Mint Flavour
Benzocaine USP 20% w/w in a water soluble base consisting of polyethylene glycol 300,polyethylene glycol 3350,sodium saccharin and mint flavor.Indication For temporary pain relief of oral mucosa due to minor irritation or injury of the mouth and gums or of...
Septodont Detartrine Polishing Paste 45g Jar (Oral Prophylaxis Dental Polishing Material)
Septodont Detartrine is an Oral Prophylaxis polishing material used for polishing the tooth surface after the Scaling procedure. Tooth polishing is a procedure that not only polishes the teeth but also removes the dental stains, plaque, and microorganisms formed on...
Septodont Cimpat Rose Temporary Dental Cement (36gm Jar)
Septodont Cimpat Rose is a dental paste specifically formulated for temporary restorations. It is used as a temporary filling material in dentistry to restore teeth until a permanent solution can be provided. The most important and notable feature of Cimpat Rose...
Septodont Endomethasone N Powder+Liquid (Dental Root Canal Sealer)
Zinc oxide eugenol-based endodontic cement IndicationPermanent root canal filling and sealing in dental procedures with systematic insertion of Gutta-Percha points.Features Radiopaque for easy short & long-term follow up. Neither resorbable after setting nor retractable to allow stable root canal obturation....
Septodont Septoject Needles for Cartridge / Sterile Dental Needles
IndicationRoutine administration of dental local anesthetics.Features Less trauma to the tissue achieved through a triple-bevel needle, a polished & siliconised canula and an excellent flexibility of the needle. High grade surgical stainless steel tubing to reduce risk of breakage. PackingBox...
from ₹799.00
Septodont Endure Nano Hybrid Composite Kit (3X4gm Syringe Kit)
Septodont Endure Nano Hybrid Composite Kit Endure Composite kit is a light cured, radiopaque, resin based dental restorative material with dentin bond and etchant gel kit. Indications A complete esthetic kit for Composite restoration Features & benefits Complete Range of...
Septodont Plastagin Chromatic 454g Dental Impression Material
Plastalgin is a multi-purpose, dust-free alginate impression material that works quickly and easily. Plastalgin creates a mixed creamy homogenous consistency without excessive flow Features: Available both for “normal” setting (Plastalgin) and “quick” setting (Plastalgin Fast) to adapt to different clinical...
Septodont EDTA Gel Canal + / Root Canal Preparation Gel
Water-soluble gel base for use in chemical and mechanical cleansing of root canal preparation. It lubricates the root canal and chelates the calcium salts to facilitate endodontic instrument penetrations. Indication Root canal preparation Instruments lubrication Packing5gm with Applicator Tips
Septodont Secure Bond 5ml Bond (Dental Light-Cured Adhesive Resin Material)
Septodont Secure bond is a light cure adhesive resin cement.IndicationsAdhesive agent for composite ResinFeatures & benefits 5th Generation Acetone base bonding system that provides excellent adhesion to both Dentine and Enamel Ensures excellent penetration in dentinal tubules Packing5ml Bond
Septodont Endure Composite Kit ( Dental Restorative Material )
Endure Composite kit is a light cured , radiopaque , resin based dental restorative material with dentin bond and etchant gel kit.Packing3 x 4g Nanohybrid Composite Syringe Shade :- A2 , A3 , B21 x 2g Nanoflowable Composite Syringe Shade:-A21...
Septodont Endure Nano Flowable Dental Composite Syringe 2Gm
Septodont Endure Nano Flowable Syringe.Indications Nano Hybrid Flowable composite indicated for esthetic restoration in Class iii &Class V restoration. Endure Flow can be used in posterior composite restorative techniques as a base liner and to modify the margins of Temporary...
Septodont Endure Nanohybrid / Dental Composite Syringe ( 4gm)
Septodont Endure Nano Restorative Composite Refill 4g IndicationsNano Hybrid composite indicated for esthetic restoration of anterior and posterior TeethFeatures Endure Nano is a high viscosity composite that will resist sticking to instruments yet has a suffient flow to adapt to...
Septodont Bioroot RCS (Bioactive mineral Root Canal Sealer)
It is used as a permanent root canal sealer. It has outstanding adhesion to dentin and gutta-percha points. Hydrophilic - Bio Root RCS continues the sealing process in the presence of moisture. It has pure mineral formulation - will not...
Septodont Endosolv (13ml Bottle) Dental Root Canal Sealer
IndicationRoot canal desobturation. Features Helps to remove zinc-oxide eugenol-based root canal sealers. High softening potency for a time saving and efficient desobturation. Reduces risks associated with use of power driven instruments during mechanical desobturation. Packing13ml Bottle
Septodont Lignospan Special Dental Anaesthesia (50 Cartridge)
IndicationLocal or loco-regional dental anesthesiaFeatures No-methylparaben formulation to avoid allergic reactions on sensitive patients. Terminal sterilization of product/cartridges by the Gold Standard method for Health Authorities around the world. 100% latex-free PackingBox containing 5 blisters of 10 x 1.8 ml...
Septodont Lignospan O (35gm Jar) Dental Anaesthetic Oinment Raspberry Flavour
It is a topical anaesthetic ointment. It is used as topical analgesia of oral mucosa before anaesthetic injection. Amide-based topical anaesthetic designed to improve patient’s comfort during dental procedure. Available in a pleasant Raspberry flavour.Specification Topical anaesthetic ointment Used as...
Septodont Septanest 1:100,000 ( Dental Injectable Solution )
IndicationLocal or loco-regional dental anesthesia in patients of at least 4 years oldFeatures Septanest 40 mg/ml plus adrenaline 0.01 mg/ml (1/100 000) is particularly appropriate for procedures of longer duration and when there is a risk of significant bleeding into...
Septodont Surfasept S.A (Dental Surface Disinfection Solution)
Indication       Cleaning and disinfection of surfaces in the dental surgery.Feature Aldehyde-free solution for cleaning & disinfection of surfaces in the dental surgery. Bactericidal: NF EN 1040 and T 72-190 standards. Fungicidal: active on Candida albicans (NF EN 1275...
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Septodont Dimenol Spray 200ml Bottle (Dental Impression Material)
Septodont Dimenol is an impression disinfectant.IndicationDisinfection of impression materials (alginate, silicone)Features Compatible with casting materials. Bactericidal: NF EN 13727. Yeasticidal: NF EN 13624. Virucidal: active against HIV-1 according to NF T 72-18 Packing200ml Bottle
Septodont R4 (13ml) Dental Root Canal Disinfectant Endodontic Solution
R4 is a solution for the cleaning of root canals.It will ensure clean canals, because of its specific action on anaerobic strains in the root canal flora and endo periodontal lesions.Indication Lubrication of instruments used to shape the canal. Flushing...
Septodont Parcan (500ml) Dental Root Canal Irrigation Solution
Septodont Parcan - Canal Irrigation Solution Composition Sodium Hypochlorite: 1.0% w/w Excipients q.s: 100% w/w IndicationRoot canal irrigationFeatures Ready to use solution, specially formulated for use in endodontics. Buffered and stabilized formulation, that maintains the solution properties throughout its shelf...
Septodont Septo-Etch ( Dental Bonding / Etchant Composite Restoration Material )
Etching of dentin and enamel prior to application of a total etch bonding system for composite restorations. Some of its features - Water-based 40% phosphoric acid gel compatible with all total etch bonding systems. Available in easy-to-use syringe with fine...
Septodont Calypso Dental Mouthwash Liquid - Mint Flavoured
Indication Mouthwash solution prior or during dental proceduresPacking Septodont Calypso Mint Flavored Mouthwash 200Ml1 x 200ml Bottle Septodont Calypso Mint Flavored Mouthwash 500ml1 x 500ml Bottle
from ₹250.00

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