TDV Unimatrix R Sectional Matrix ( Dental Intruments )
The Unimatrix R System is composed by three sizes of preformed sectional matrices and two reinforced rings, Hard and Soft, which provides the ideal strength on the dental separation, more stability on the procedure and longevity. Both rings are equipped...
from ₹3,580.00
TDV Resinlay Pattern Photo Gel / Dental Light-Curing Acrylic Resin Gel
Resinlay is a Light-curing acrylic resin in gel for casting and carving patterns.Features  Ready to use one-component material Thixotropy – perfectly aligned viscosity of gel for quick and precise application Without heating Use with any type of curing-lights Fast polymerization...
TDV Polyester Matrix - (Dental fixing Instrument system)
Pre-contoured transparent matrices with incorporated fixing system.Features Indicated for Class II procedures with composites, glass ionomer and amalgams Its incorporated fixing system allows the regulation of the matrix according to the tooth size, fixing it firmly and dispensing the use...
from ₹1,039.00
TDV Optimize -Dental Finishing & Polishing Restoration
TDV Optimize is an aluminum oxide coated silicone polishers for composites. Composed by abrasive silicone tips, Optimize is indicated for finishing and polishing restorations in composites, glass ionomers, amalgams, as well as, for removing cement from dental enamel.Features 2in1 product,...
TDV Prophylactic Strips - ( Dental Non-Abrasive steel strip )
Non-abrasive steel strip for interproximal tartar removal. With circular micro-blades located around the holes in one face of the strips, its provides a powerful and precise action against calculus by a mechanical action.Features Is an indispensable aid during prophylaxis procedures...
TDV Microcut Kit - Dental Orthodontic Instruments
Hack-saw frame designed to remove excesses from the interproximal area. Designed to removal excesses of composites, adhesives, cements and amalgams from the proximal area. Also indicated for Inlay and Onlay, laminated vaneers and stripping in orthodontic procedures.Features Device developed to...
TDV Unimatrix Refill kit - (Pack of 100 Assorted Matrices) Dental Products
The Unimatrix sectional matrices system, indicated for Class II restorations, is composed by preformed sectional matrices and Unimatrix Rings for its attachment. Among the advantages that this system provides a side conventional matrices, stands out the facility of contact points...
TDV Microcut Manual /Dental Filling Instruments
Manual handling no abrasive serrated strip.Indicated to remove excesses from the interproximal area.Features Allows the use with any type of filling materials Do not break the contact point 0.05mm thickness Packing1 Serrated steel blade 6mmX150mm
TDV Finishing and Polishing Strips kit -Dental Polyester Strips.
TDV Finishing and Polishing Strip kit is a luminum oxide coated polyester strips.IndicationIndicated for finishing and polishing compositesFeatures Medium and fine grits separated by a neutral space, providing an easier insertion into the contact point area without harming it Available...
TDV Anatomic Interdental Dental Wooden Wedges (Pack of 100)
For general use in restoration procedures with the mechanical function of adapting the matrix and/or separating adjacent teethFeatures Anatomically shaped for a better adjustment in the interproximal Guarantee the matrix fixing, providing restorations without any sub-gingival excess Non-toxic pigments, do...
TDV Translucid Wedges (Assorted Pack) Dental Interdental Transparent Wedges
The Translucid Wedges are indicated for general use, in restorative procedures using transparent matrices, with the mechanical function of adapting the matrix and/or separate adjacent teeth, and the optical function of helping the resin polymerization in the proximal region. The...
TDV Metallic Matrix (Molar and Premolar) Dental Instrumets
Metallic Matrix is a Pre-contoured metallic matrices with incorporated fixing system.Features Indicated for Class II procedures with composites, glass ionomer and amalgams Its incorporated fixing system allows the regulation of the matrix according to the tooth size, fixing it firmly...
from ₹1,070.00
TDV Fita Matriz Metalica Dental Restorative Strips
Stainless steel strip for general use in Class II restorative procedures with composites.Features In composite restorations, helps to rebuild the dental anatomy Protect adjacent teeth during preparation, acid conditioning and adhesive application Thickness of 0,05mm manufactured with malleable stainless steel,...
TDV Unimatrix Sectional Matrix Kit / Dental Instruments
Unimatrix is a ring to adjust the matrix and the wedge at the proximal in Class II procedures, ensuring a very good adaptation that will be result in an excellent contact point reestablishment.Features  Easy and quick placing by a ring...
TDV Anterior Crown Kit ( Dental Permanent Restoration Material )
Developed to provide a perfect dental anatomy to the restoration, minimizing the need for finishing adjustments. Indicated for temporary and/or permanent restorations in anterior and posterior teeth.Features Different shapes and sizes, providing a perfect adaptation Simple and fast application Do...
TDV Superfix Dental Finishing & Polishing Disc System
Superfix is a snap-on system indicated for a complete sequence of polishing. It is a Finishing and polishing discs for composites.Features Mandrel system that works by fitting, for an easy application Allows the use of all surface of the disc, not...
TDV Diamond Gloss - Dental Polishing & Restoration Material
Indicated for final polishing and maintenance of esthetic restorations, providing high gloss on dental enamel, ceramics, composites, amalgams and metals. Diamond Gloss can also be combined with TDV felt discs or other velvety discs.Features Useful at the clinic and laboratory...
TDV Contact + Gold / Dental Composite Instrument
Designed to easily reconstruct consistent and precise contact points in composites with a simple handling.Features Perfect contact points attainment in 3 easy steps:1) Introduce a low quantity of composite into the cavity (space that you need to rebuild)2) Put the...
TDV Fotoplus - Dental Composite Instrument
Fotoplus is an Instrument for condensation and polymerization of composites.IndicationDeveloped to condense composites preventing cervical marginal leakage in Class II restorations.Features Translucent instruments that allows to light cure through the tips while is hold under pressure Reduces the stress and...
TDV Esthetic Plus -Dental Composite Instrument
TDV Esthetic Plus is a Silicone brushes for composites shaping.Indication Anti-adherent silicone brushes for composites sculpting. Precision system for shaping composites in both, direct and indirect restorations. Features Two instruments, straight and angled, facilitating the work both in the vestibular...
TDV Matriz Cervical (Dental Modelling Composites Instrument)
Specially designed for Class V restorations. Used for modelling composites, adapt at the cervical region of tooth when compressed onto it.Features Two instruments with in a kit composed by five different sizes and flexible shell shapes (XL|L|M|S|XS) Simple, comfortable and...
TDV Diamond Strips - (Dental Orthodontic Filling Materials)
Indicated for orthodontic stripping and for finishing of filling materials.Features Two different granulation options – Fine and Medium, identified by colorsYellow – Fine: thinner thicknessRed – Medium: coarser abrasive power Available in 2,5mm width PackingSize - 2.5mmx110mm (12 Strips)
TDV Abrasive Steel Strips Dental Restoration Finishing Strips
The strips are suitable for proximal finishing of restorations.FeaturesOnly 0,10mm thickness, easy to insert at the interproximal areaPacking12 Abrasive Steel Strips( 6mm x 130mm )
from ₹425.00
TDV Sandpaper Discs - (Dental Finishing and Polishing Discs)
Indicated for finishing and polishing in composites with four grits codified by colorsFeatures Excellent Profitability Grits: Coarse (burgundy), Medium (pink), Fine (light pink) e Extrafine (white) Ultra-fine discs, very flexible and versatile, allow access to the most difficult regions Packing...

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