Prevest Shield Activ Dentine Desensitizer (5ml)
Shield Activ Dentin Desensitizer provides quick and easy chairside solution to sensitivity caused by open tubules, bacteria and microleakage. It is applied in one step with a brush. Its HEMA based composition is soft tissue friendly and provides immediate relief from...
Prevest Reveal Caries Indicator Dye (5ml)
Pevest Reveal is a green dye that enables visual differentiation between infected carious and sound dentine. Reveal is a green FD & C dye in a propylene glycol base. Reveal assists the clinician in visual differentiation between the infected carious dentine and...
Prevest Fusion Nano Coat Light Cured Protective Varnish
Nano Coat is a revolutionary, light cured, protective coating that effectively seals the surface to create a smooth and glossy surface on the glass ionomer and composite restorations. It can also be used to polish areas such as posterior fissures or...
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