Woson Tanvo A.I Gigantic {45ltr} Capacity Autoclave / Dental Equipments
TANVO 45 L 45 Ltr Capacity Programs 4 Standard + 1 Custom USB Connectivity For Simultaneous Recording Steel Door With Electric Opening, Closing And Locking System Product Specification Usage/Application Premium Class B Steam Sterilizer Brand WOSON Pressure variation 0.9bar to...
Woson Sera Aqua Scaler for Clinical / Dental Equipments
SERA AQUA Portable Scaler Intelligent Tracking And Power Feedback System Handpiece Made Of PEEK Material And Titanium Waterproof Surface, Easy To Clean Precise Setting Of 10 Power Levels Product Specification Type Of Dental Equipment Sera Aqua Scaler Model Name/Number Sera...
Woson Sera Color Clinical Ultrasonic Scaler
SERA COLOR 3 Functions- General Scaling, Perio And Endo Detachable Handpiece With LED Autoclavable Handpiece Assembling With Excellent Piezo Ceramic The Cable Is Made Of Silicon Tube Soft And Durable Product Specification Brand Woson Type Of Dental Equipment WOSON Scaler...
Woson Drink 10 Water Distiller / Dental Equipments
Woson Drink 10 water distiller DESCRIPTION: Distiller with a modern, economical and qualitative design. Water distillation apparatus that obtains distilled water by the method of boiling water and condensing steam. CHARACTERISTICS: Passes all safety tests 96% water conversion rate The thermal...
Woson Tancy Touch B-class Autoclave (2L) Cassette system autoclave with 15 minutes autoclave cycle system
Autoclave Tancy Touch 2L class B Woson PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Woson Medical Instrument Co, Ltd was established in 2000, having accumulated over 20 years of experience in dental products processing and servicing. The company is located in Ningbo, a city east...
Woson Tanda B Class Autoclave {18/23L} Dental Equipments Free water distiller with 23L
Description  Front View No Name Descripition 1 Water Filling Port Manually filling water 2 Drainage Port Connected to used water tank 3 Drainage Port Connected to main water tank 4 Fuse Protect product when the power is not stable 5...
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