Sterile Collagen Sheet ColoGenesis ColoGide GTR Dental Membrane
The ColoGide is derived from bovine source. It is a resorbable, non-friable barrier membrane obtained from highly purified type-I collagen derived from specially controlled and certified animals and is highly purified to avoid any antigenicity. Indication Do not use if...
from ₹850.00
Cologenesis Colo Plug Sterile Resorbable Collagen Sponge 1/pk
Sterile Collagen Sponge Colo Plug is a soft resorbable collagen Matrices engineered from highly purified Type-1 Collagen derived from Achilles tendon The pore size of the plug allow to absorb fluid and blood at the defect site. Due to Collagen...
from ₹415.00
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