Meddent Plastic Tray Impression Tray
Rigid plastic for greater accuracyIntegral handleDeep sulcusPerforated and grooved for maximum retimpression materialPreferred by laboratoriesPackingPack of 3 Upper Tray and 3 Lower Tray.
Meddent Cassete for 10 Instrument
Meddent Cassette For 10 InstrumentsTo facilitate a safe handling of the surgical instruments during the cleaning and sterilization processes reducing the risk of injures. GAMMAFIX locking system keeps the tray perfectly closed in all conditions. Safe and easy joint system, totally...
Dentamerica Bite Registration Tray Disposable Impression Material
Disposable impression trays for counter impressions and bite registrationRigid plastic frame, thin non-tearmesh, ergnomically designed handlesSpecially designed walls for extra retention with nylon net Available inBite Registration Trays - AnteriorBite Registration Trays - AssortedBite Registration Trays - PosteriorBite Registration Trays...
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