MDM Y-Dents Impression Compositionn Dental Impression material
Mdm Impression composition is a thermoplastic impression material in the form of round cake to take a primary impression of edentulous cases.   INDICATION For the primary impression in edentulous cases before preparing a special tray.   ADVANTAGE Easy to use....
MDM Y-Dents Modelling Denture Bases Dental Wax 225gm
Sheets of pink wax for modelling denture bases and acrylic saddle. INDICATION : All purpose multi utility wax PACKAGING:- 1 x 225gm wax
MDM Blue Wax - (Dental Composite Material For Inlay Casting)
MDM dental Blue wax is a sophisticated composite material which contains powdered aluminum…to increase the integrity of the compound and provide the heat retention properties needed for efficient modeling. Frankly, we've found that other materials, such as copper-based waxes, just...
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